Vegan Deli

Vegan Deli  by Jo Stepaniak

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Raising Vegetarian Children
by Jo Stepaniak, M.S.Ed., & Vesanto Melina M.S., R.D.

Raising Vegetarian Children

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for Healing, Wholeness & Harmony

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Review by Keith Walker
Review by Beth Geisler
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Compassionate Living for Healing, Wholeness & Harmony is a compelling, practical, and down-to-earth guide to serenity and inner freedom. Through a graceful blend of instruction, revelation, and inspiration, it presents fresh, uncluttered insights that offer hope and incisive guidance to all who search for purpose, meaning, and a life filled with peace and contentment.

People give life to their compassion by making it a conscious, dynamic part of their intention and action. Once "engaged," compassion plays an infinitely powerful role in healing, wholeness, and serenity on earth. Like the rings that form around a pebble tossed into a pond, compassion has a ripple effect, which fosters universal harmony that can gently touch friends, strangers, the animal kingdom and, ultimately, all of earth's inhabitants.

Compassionate Living for Healing, Wholeness & Harmony gives readers the keys to activate their hearts and inner wisdom. By creating positive and lasting cultural change through engaged compassion, readers of Compassionate Living for Healing, Wholeness & Harmony can ultimately and favorably impact the course of humankind's shared future.

Compassionate Living for Healing, Wholeness & Harmony gracefully teaches readers to learn to fully develop their innate empathy by opening the twenty "gateways" to engaged compassion. These gateways are divided into four categories or portals that collectively create the foundation for a fully compassionate existence.

The portal of sensitivity guides readers as they examine their hearts, emotions, and feelings and prepare to expand compassion beyond its ordinary bounds. Here, readers learn how to awaken their sensitivity by developing empathy, embracing tolerance, and developing acceptance, forgiveness, humility, and selflessness.

The portal of ethics invites readers to explore ways to gain more insight into their convictions and employ them evenly and constructively, in matters both private and public. Readers learn to evaluate the congruence between their beliefs and their behavior, seek the kernel of truth in every opportunity, embrace each life event with a grateful heart, develop selfless generosity, and live a life unencumbered by excess.

The portal of communication suggests that readers assess how they communicate, as well as what they say, so that tone of voice and affect reinforce, rather than contradict, their messages. Readers learn here to cultivate gentleness, courtesy, thoughtfulness, engaged listening, silence, and humor as they communicate authentically.

The portal of serenity teaches readers to remain centered and maintain inner calm, accentuating the tranquil demeanor that underpins benevolent action. Patience, composure, unity and contentment are the touchstones of tranquility in daily life.

This remarkable book demystifies the art of inner peacework, increasing our sense of self-worth and purpose, presenting innovative models for developing an active kinship with all life, and revealing the essential connection between personal, inner peace and peace on earth.

(Keats Publishing, 178 pages)

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