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Books by Joanne Stepaniak

Being Vegan: Living with Conscience, Conviction, and Compassion is a common-sense guide to creating and maintaining a vegan lifestyle in a non-vegan world.

The Vegan Sourcebook: A comprehensive guide to every aspect of vegan living, brimming with all the tools you need to fully put your compassion into action.

The Saucy Vegetarian is one of the most unique, creative, and fun cookbooks around. Discover how to turn simple vegan meals into gustatory masterpieces with incredible no-cook sauces and dressings.

Delicious Food for a Healthy Heart: Contains over 120 cholesterol-free, low-fat, quick and easy vegan recipes designed to help prevent America's number one killer, heart disease.

Vegan Vittles: Recipes Inspired by the Critters of Farm Sanctuary
The vegan cook's kitchen bible, full of inspirations for delicious vegan meals.

Table for Two - Meat- and Dairy-Free Recipes for Two
Fast, simple and delicious recipes for two! Perfect for couples, singles, and students.

The Nutritional Yeast Cookbook
Add great flavor and B-complex vitamins to your meals with Red Star Vegetarian Support Formula nutritional yeast.

The Uncheese Cookbook
A dazzling array of quick and easy recipes for dairy-free cheese substitutes and classic "uncheese" dishes.

Ecological Cooking
Over 500 scrumptious vegan recipes for everything from soup to nuts: a classic vegan cookbook.

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