Jess Parsons

Jess Parsons

Posted August 2, 2012

Published in Lifestyle

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If Education Were the Answer - 5 things that would already be true

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Heard this before?

We don't need to pass laws to make things better; we just need more education. If people knew better, they would do better.

I'm a writer. I'm all for information sharing. But telling the truth isn't enough.  If it were, we'd all already:

  1. Eat more whole grains than refined grains
  2. Eat 5+ fruits and vegetables every day
  3. Exercise every day
  4. Use public transport
  5. Respect everyone, regardless of race, gender, religion, orientation, etc.

I'm accepting other entries for a list of 10, please submit in the comments section.

Education is the:

  • talk in "Walk your talk"
  • say in "Do as I say, not as I do"
  • words in "Actions speak louder than words."

Inspirational educational messages can't beat real world experience.

There you see what is really valued. Money wins over health, environment, and peace. Most people will soon recover from any new lesson and go back to doing exactly what everyone else around them is doing - a much stronger educational lesson.
While the government and large corporations work together to maximise profits, educational truths are dangerous and unacceptable counter-culture.

Not convinced? Here's a prime example: the USDA and Maybe Meatless Monday.

Until society takes strong cooperative action to make the better choice the easier choice (instead of folding under pressure), the talk about what's good for us will remain...just talk.


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Your positive laws would contravene the rights of individuals. You are proposing violence against individuals as a solution to the violence they do to themselves by not eating (or living) well.

The health, environment, and peace will all improve when we stop threatening our neighbors with violence, state-sanctioned or otherwise. The state impedes the free flow of information, creating a closed society. A society of free association is an open society, where claims to health can be made and evaluated by all.

The problem with education is that individuals, though they want to be healthy, they also do not want to give up certain eating and lifestyle habits. But we should respect people, not use violence to force their hands.

The fact that we are even discussing this means that you (any anyone engaged in this dialog) accepts the non-agression principle. It is the a priori of argumentation. If you did not accept it, there would be no need to argue as you could overwhelm me with force. Force (including passing and enforcing positive laws) negates and need for argumentation.


Thanks for your comment. I can refer to you to many definitions of violence that show that most would not agree that I am proposing violence by suggesting laws.

All societies have laws for protecting people en masse - our own has laws protecting against intentional violence (murder, assault) and careless violence (traffic laws) - which presumably contravene the rights you believe individuals have (to harm people, torture animals, and ruin the environment). In our society, this has yet to negate argumentation (the fact that we are discussing this...?)

Whenever the view of the greater good changes, so therefore do the laws. How does it respect people to allow and encourage some of the people to lie to and harm the rest of the people (as our society does in the areas under question)?

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