Jamie Nelson

Jamie Nelson

Posted January 29, 2012

Published in Health, Lifestyle

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My health, my future

Read More: cancer prevention, lifestyle medicine, marathon, rip esselsyn

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I am a 59-year old single man. I work as a digital marketer in Northern California. I am changing my future.

Two years ago, I was diagnosed with prostate cancer and had surgery. Since then, i've been not very active and gained thirty pounds. I was not that slim when I started either. Recently, I read that obese men (I am 220 pounds and have a BMI of 30) have a far higher chance of cancer recurrance

Obese men (who have a body mass index, or BMI, of 30 or higher) are three times more likely to have their cancer progress to a more advanced stage than men of normal weight, the study said. They are also three times more likely than non-obese men to have the cancer spread to their bones, and five times more likely to have the cancer spread to other parts of the body.

That made me rethink my diet and my lifestyle. As a baby boomer, I was raised on Wonder Bread, skim milk and frozen TV dinners. With minor excursions during my hippie years, my diet has not varied much from that mold.

But that's over. I am embarking on a lifestyle change. And not a simple one, either. i am going to eat the diet outlined in Rip Esselstyn's book Engine 2 Diet starting today. It is an inspiring book. In addition to a dietary change, I am going to train to do a marathon in June.

You might think that Jeff Nelson's brother would be a confirmed vegetarian but you are wrong. I've dabbled as I indicated earlier but never committed myself fully to good health. With the realization of how I have been jeopardizing my future and my health, I am going to emulate the lifestyle he and Sabrina have dedicated their lives to promoting.

"Real men eat plants," it says on Rip's website. It's time this man got real.


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There you go! I'll be rootin' for you! Congratulations on your decision! I sincerely think you made a positive choice which will bring you nice rewards. go Jamie!


go for it, Jamie! You might also look at The China Syndrome; I had an elevated count for prostrate, which concerned me since my father died of prostrate cancer. After cutting out all dairy and becoming vegan, the count dropped to a below danger level, and has stayed there for the past four years.


By embarking on this great adventure, you are not only showing yourself to be a real man but also a very brave one! It takes a lot a courage to make any major change and changing diet and lifestyle is about as big as it gets. But the rewards will be even more dramatic and you'll be pleasantly surprised at how quickly they'll begin to happen.

You've already got an amazing built-in support system that many would love to have. Lots of us started on this journey alone and had to build our support systems from scratch while often having family and friends fight us every step of the way. I want to wish you all the best and will look forward to reading more about your experiences!


Im sure Alan meant to say The China STUDY rather than Syndrome! (good movie tho! ;-)

Jamie, we're all rootin' for u!! Very proud of your commitment & realization that you CAN control your health destiny! :-) GO FOR IT!!!

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