J Morris Hicks

J Morris Hicks

Posted November 28, 2011

Published in Animals

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"Winged Migration" -- celebrating the magnificent bird; not eating it.

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What's a documentary about birds got to do with our diet?

In a word, it's all about harmony. The theme of our book and this blog is all about health, hope and harmony. As we return to the natural diet for our species, we take charge of our own health while simultaneously planting seeds of hope, accelerating the pace with which the human race can return to living in harmony with nature.

It's a bit of irony that I began writing this blog post on the evening before Thanksgiving, the family holiday when our entire nation celebrates by dining on the flesh of a bird that spent its entire life preparing for this human celebration. As I watched this movie for the first time, I couldn't help but think about the billions of birds per year that are unfortunate enough to be born into our meat and egg industry.

Let's take the baby male chicks in an egg factory, for example. As I explained in our book, they all meet their death just moments after being identified as being a worthless male, obviously incapable of producing eggs. In the movie, I saw baby chicks in Nature who are full of curiosity and excitement about their new life outside the egg. They all prance around chirping and exploring their new surroundings -- just like the male chicks in the egg factory.

But the fun is short-lived in the factory; immediately after being identified as males, they are killed -- thrown in a macerator or a plastic bag to suffocate with their brothers. Of course, life for their sisters in the egg cages is no bargain either.

The title of our book's chapter on that whole miserable process is Hell On Earth. That's what happens to living, sentient beings that spend their lives as a part of the unnatural food of the only species that has strayed far from the natural diet for their species -- the human race. We call ourselves civilized, yet behave like barbarians when it come to so many of our choices in food. Continue reading this article, complete with three free movies.

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