J Morris Hicks

J Morris Hicks

Posted November 18, 2011

Published in Health

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Thanksgiving; giving thanks for vibrant health and more.

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Like the 4th of July and many of our other holidays, Thanksgiving is all about food -- and for 95% of our nation's population, it's all about the wrong food. But for the past few years, my family has enjoyed Thanksgiving more than ever, now that we're eating nothing but plant-based foods at the 4-Leaf level. Now that's something to truly be thankful about; beginning with vibrant health for ourselves and leading to a celebration of a return to living in harmony with Nature on this planet.

Just got off the phone with my son (co-writer) Jason as we discussed our holiday plans for next week. On Thanksgiving morning, we'll start out with some fresh fruit over a bowl of oatmeal with almond milk and maybe enjoy a crackling fire while enjoying that first meal of the day. Then, we're planning to take our annual Thanksgiving morning hike on one of the many trails in the Holden - Wachusett Mountain area.

Later, our Thanksgiving feast will feature a wholesome array of fresh vegetables, grains and legumes -- and it will be awesomely delicious, thanks to Lisa's incredible expertise in the kitchen. There's something special about celebrating with a nutritious meal that also has many healthy implications for the planet and does not require one minute of suffering by any other creature.

As we sit down for our holiday dinner, we can all be thankful that our diet-style enables each of us to reduce our total water consumption by 90%, lower our energy footprint by 30%, and free up three acres of land that can be used for feeding more people or perhaps restoring some of the forests that we humans have so recklessly destroyed over the past 100 years.

Dr. Hurley shown here a few months ago, enjoying vibrant health and effortlessly approaching his body's ideal weight with a BMI in the very low 20's; down from a just a tad below 30.

In addition to the Hicks family of Holden, MA; there are a few other families in the area who will be enjoying a similar holiday experience this Thanksgiving. Recently I received this note from Dr. Brian Hurley, one of our very first 4-Leaf clients:

Good afternoon!  After talking with Jason (your son), I was reminded I made the decision to start eating the 4 Leaf lifestyle at Thanksgiving 2010.  As you have documented on your blog, I started at 208 pounds at that time. I started with the goal of weight loss but learned the change was truly about achieving Vibrant Health. I have more than succeeded in the goal of vibrant health and today my weight is maintaining at 161 lbs.

Last month, my wife Dawn and I were attending a wedding.  Later, when looking at pictures, she told me that she was ready to completely adopt the 4 Leaf lifestyle.  My daughter and she have supported me since day one and made my transition easy.  While their eating habits improved, they were more lax in eating at the 4 Leaf level.  Upon our return from the wedding, Dawn asked me to help her reach the 4 Leaf level and I was ready to help her gain vibrant health. (I have stated before that someone needs to be committed to making a lifestyle change!)

Leveraging the simple, yet powerful concept of maximizing the percent of your calories from whole plant foods -- still in nature's package

Today, she has been eating 4 Leaf for three weeks. She feels great and as a bonus, has lost 8 lbs.  She is well on her way and I am excited to watch her get healthy!! Jason joked by asking, "What is with the Hurley's choosing the hardest time of the year to start--the HOLIDAYS?"  My reply, if you can do it then, the rest is a walk in the park. The best time to start is when you are committed to improving your health and there is no time like the present!!! Happy Thanksgiving, Brian.

In closing, as I was choosing a "Thanksgiving" picture just now for this post, I simply Googled (images) the word Thanksgiving. And guess what appeared in 99% of the pictures. You got it. That's when I chose to go the natural route and choose a soothing picture of an autumn hike. Can we ever forget the video of Sarah Palin three years ago with the execution (beheading) of factory farm turkeys taking place right behind her? When does the madness end?

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