J Morris Hicks

J Morris Hicks

Posted July 4, 2012

Published in Health

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My only brother "unsubscribes" from my blog---after hearing what I had to say about cancer.

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Cancer is our most-feared disease and is somewhat of a lightning rod when it comes to people who've experienced any form of this horrible disease. Occasionally, people decide to "unsubscribe" from my blogs after reading some of my bold comments about cancer. This week, it was my one and only brother who lives in Birmingham, Alabama.

Birmingham, Alabama---home of my only brother. My three sisters all live in Florida.

I'm not sure why he unsubscribed, but it might be related to the depression he has suffered in recent years.  Since 2008, he has pretty much cut off communication with me and our three sisters. He may have unsubscribed because of my stating that our toxic diet is the primary driver of all forms of cancer (per T. Colin Campbell).

You see, his wife had breast cancer back in the 90's and maybe he just prefers to believe---as most do---that cancer is simply a matter of bad luck.

On a brighter note, there are other cancer survivors who absolutely love my blog. They love the idea of learning all that they can about preventing cancer in the first place---or at least slowing, stopping or possibly reversing it. This week I heard from two of those blog readers---both on the same topic of the treatment of prostate cancers.

Two trusted resources provide the same input---within 24-hours

Sunset in Stonington, CT

On Saturday night, I was visiting with Wendy, one of my local friends at an exquisite sunset party by the harbor and she was telling me about how much she enjoyed my blogs.

She also shared a story about the non-conventional prostate cancer treatment that her husband had recently undergone---proton radiation at the Loma Linda Health Center. Then less than 24 hours later, I received this letter from John, a highly educated business executive in California:

Dear Jim, Thank you for continuing to keep me informed with your messages on "good health".  As a prostate cancer survivor myself, I read with great interest the article on PSA screening.  and I would like to take a position on radiation's side effects.

The side effects mentioned in the article are dependent on the type of radiation that is used and are most common with conventional radiation treatment.  Proton radiation treatment, however, which is available from a limited number of hospitals in the United States, including the Loma Linda Health Center in Loma Linda, California, is being used very successfully for prostate cancer and without the patient suffering from any serious side effects.

Whereas conventional radiation passes through the body, proton radiation is "pin-pointed" and stops at the exact location of the cancer.  The same type of radiation treatment is also being used for brain cancer and, more recently, breast cancer.  You can refer to the Loma Linda Health Center website for more information.

I'll look forward to receiving your next informative message. To your health, John Kvicky, Brea, CA

My thanks to both Wendy and John for this helpful input. As you know, my focus is on helping people understand that they can completely prevent most chronic diseases---if they start taking charge of their health early enough in their life. But, when it's too late for prevention---people need to have other options.

My recent post about PSA testing: Professor of medicine says NO to the PSA test…

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—J. Morris Hicks, board member, T. Colin Campbell Foundation


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