J Morris Hicks

J Morris Hicks

Posted November 3, 2011

Published in Celebrities, International

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Dispelling the "Protein Myth" and changing the world. The Clinton Foundation.

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Responding to a request from the Clinton Foundation  for ideas to make the world a better place. YOU CAN HELP!

An email from the Clinton Foundation has been popping up everywhere -- seeking ideas from everyone, asking, "What's your idea for making the world a better place?" So let's send him a consistent message. I have been thinking for a long time about the single most important thing that Mr. Clinton could do for us: Simply dispel the "protein myth" that most people believe -- the myth about actually needing to eat animal protein.

With a powerful organization already in place, who better than Bill Clinton to lead the world's most important global initiative?

Once that myth has been dispelled, all of the great thinkers of the world will be able to start thinking about the enormous benefits that will result from a major shift in the direction of plant-based eating -- health, water, trees, biodiversity, climate change, world hunger and so much more.

But, until that protein myth is shattered, the plant-based feeding model is not even on the table for consideration. Here's how you can help. 

First, watch this video starring Ben Stiller, Kevin Spacey, Sean Penn, Ted Danson and others -- including an appearance by Clinton himself at the end. A celebrity spoof, it is very entertaining, but you don't have to watch the entire six minutes to get the picture.

Enjoy the video, then help me send Mr. Clinton a powerful message.

To see the video, please click here to view the remainder of this piece on my website. If you don't wish to see the video, just continue reading here. 

Now, please scroll down and follow these five simple instructions:

  1. Read the idea below that we submitted this morning.
  2. Copy that idea.
  3. Open the "Submit Your Idea" link below.
  4. Paste that idea in there and send it.
  5. Then send that same idea to all of your friends and ask them to submit the same one.

Here's our idea that we have been formulating for months; and if this message campaign doesn't work, we'll figure out another way to get to Mr. Clinton.

Dear President Clinton,

Thank you for launching this initiative to seek new ideas for changing the world. Here's my idea; simple, yet extremely powerful. Please announce to the entire world that we don't NEED to eat ANY animal protein to be healthy. As you well know from following the advice of Dr. Dean Ornish, Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn and Dr. T. Colin Campbell; our wide-spread love affair with meat and dairy is literally killing us and is also contributing mightily to a plethora of environmental horrors. Further, it is totally unsustainable for a host of reasons.

By telling everyone this basic truth, you will be opening the door for the greatest minds of the world to start planning how we can aggressively, yet smoothly, move in the direction of a health promoting plant-based diet. With this one simple gesture, you'll open the door for improvements in our own health coupled with a huge reduction in our cost of health care. Equally important, you'll enable the world's great thinkers to leverage the uncanny efficiency of plant-based eating to feed 10 times as many people on the same amount of land --while consuming over 90 percent less fossil fuel energy and water.

Home Run. Talking about a home run; you are in a unique position to change the world in the best way possible -- promoting health, feeding more people, nurturing the fragile environment, conserving water and fossil fuels and gradually ending the horrendous practice of growing and killing sixty billion animals per year for our dinner tables.

More than one message. It will be necessary for you to make this crucial announcement more than once; it may require hundreds of repetitions before people everywhere really get it. You see, as it now stands, most of the brightest and best-educated people on Earth still believe they truly NEED to eat animal protein; and it will take someone with your credibility, authenticity and leadership skills to convince them otherwise anytime soon.

One Final Point. As a former president, you may be one of the few global celebrities alive that could make such a world-changing announcement without fear of legal action from certain groups citing a violation of our many Food Disparagement Laws in this country. Thank you and God bless you.

Sincerely, J. Morris Hicks, author, Healthy Eating -- Healthy World (a new book endorsed by Ornish, Esselstyn, & Campbell; visit our website at hpjmh.com)

Next Step. Copy the above "idea to Mr. Clinton", go to the link below and paste it in there. Also paste that note into a message to everyone that you know and ask them to do the same. Send them a link to this post and ask them to follow the instructions, just as you have done. You may wish to personalize your message with an introductory paragraph in your own words.

Submit your idea to the Clinton Foundation -- Ideas to Change the World.

Donation opportunity. After submitting my idea, I made a small donation and received this message back immediately:

Your transaction has been completed and a receipt for your donation has been emailed to you. Thank you for making a gift of  $10.00 to the Clinton Foundation. Your support is helping to improve lives and uplift communities around the world. You can spread the word about this opportunity to friends, family and colleagues by posting to Facebook or sharing on Twitter.

If Mr. Clinton acts on our simple idea; the world-chaning results will be enormous in terms of  promoting our health and saving our planet.

Authors J. Stanfield Hicks and J. Morris Hicks , working daily to promote health, hope and harmony on planet Earth.

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—J. Morris Hicks…blogging daily at HealthyEatingHealthyWorld.com


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