J Morris Hicks

J Morris Hicks

Posted February 6, 2012

Published in International

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A tiny few eating a perfect diet? -- or truly changing the world?

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Dr. T. Colin Campbell -- author of The China Study and the world's leading authority on health promoting, plant-based nutrition.

Keeping the "big picture" in mind

Back in November, while meeting with Dr. Campbell in his home, he reiterated what he has often said and written:

Our role is to help people understand exactly what comprises a near optimal, health-promoting diet for humans -- telling them the goal. What people do with that knowledge is completely up to them.

Upon learning the truth about nutrition for the first time, some will adopt a 100% plant-based diet immediately, more will begin to gradually add more fruits, vegetables, legumes and grains to their diets, but the vast majority will probably do nothing -- at least for now. We know from past experience that only a tiny percentage will adopt this seemingly difficult diet-style immediately; but if we convey the message properly, a great many will HEAR and will begin to make some improvements.

Reaching the masses -- like this soccer crowd in Brazil

The huge group that will listen to our message and make modest improvements is exactly who we are trying to reach in our book AND in this blog. Just yesterday, I heard from two readers who summed up my feelings perfectly. They posted the following comments beneath the blog where I admitted to having one cookie and a coke on Delta Airlines -- in the middle of a high 3-Leaf or low 4-Leaf day...

First from Jean. Thanks for sharing what you do in the real world. While I realize the earlier comments are true about the unhealthiness of Coke, cookies, etc.; when you are trying to help the masses change to healthier eating, you cannot come across as a fanatic or you turn everyone totally off.

Is it better for a very few to eat pure diets or for a lot of people to eat mostly healthy diets? Thanks for keeping the big picture in mind! Jean

—J. Morris Hicks…blogging daily at 

Then from Denise. Life is about choices, not regiments. It is called wiggle room and without some flexibility, we would all bomb out sooner or later. No, Jim you won’t go to H*** because you had one coke and a cookie. If I learned anything from your posts, It’s the Big Picture not the small. Keep up the good work :) Denise.     p.s. It shows that you are human tooooooooo.


These two comments prompted me to revisit an earlier blog on this subject. While walking home this morning, I explained the focus of that blog to a friend. I explained that it's all about the question that Jean asked above, "Is it better for a very few to eat pure diets or for a lot of people to eat mostly healthy diets?" Without a doubt, it would be the latter. Click here to continue reading this article. 

 —J. Morris Hicks…blogging daily at





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Good article.


True. Tho when one has a desire to eat something unhealthy for the fun of it, there is plenty in the vegan world of food that is junk, that can be consumed, without resorting back to animal flesh & animal products.


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