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Blog Entries by J Morris Hicks

Vitamins...a 27 billion dollar folly?

J Morris Hicks | April 26, 11 at 01:32 PM | Health

Read More: are vitamins a waste of money?, vitamins

  An April 13 article by Madison Park on led off with the following: "As more than half of U.S. adults are popping vitamins and supplements, the question remains -- has it made Americans healthier?" The short answer is...

No cow's milk for humans at any age...even Dr. Spock agrees

J Morris Hicks | April 24, 11 at 02:52 PM | Health

Read More: chronic diseases, cow's milk for humans, wrong food for our species

Last week, I posted a blog on the topic of early puberty and the problems involved. In that blog, Dr. McDougall and Dr. Fuhrman stated vehemently that they do in fact know the cause of early puberty -- Dr. McDougall has...

It's Earth Day -- Do Something memorable...

J Morris Hicks | April 22, 11 at 05:27 AM | Green

Read More: environmental benefits of plant-based diet, HOME the movie, natural diet for humans

Not only is it Earth Day, it's also Good Friday and a holiday for most Christians around the world. Think about taking less than two hours doing something that will change your life -- and might even change the world....

Flatulent cows...and saving the planet

J Morris Hicks | April 14, 11 at 07:36 AM | Animals, Green, International

Read More: causes of global warming, cows, global warming, greenhouse gases, livestock, methane

Every two-year old knows that flatulence is funny, they just haven't learned that fancy word for it yet. But the environmental impact of the 60 billion animals that we raise for our dinner tables is no laughing matter. In a...

Celebration! not deprivation...discovering the complete joy of eating

J Morris Hicks | April 11, 11 at 08:51 AM | Food, Lifestyle

Read More: environment, harmony, health, maximize calories from whole plants

When people think of making a big change in their diet for one reason or another, they most often think about what they're going to have to give up. Little do they realize in the beginning that one day they'll...

Dean Ornish, M.D. -- American Icon...

J Morris Hicks | April 8, 11 at 07:12 AM | Health

Read More: dean ornish, heart disease reversal, plant-based nutrition of three who influenced Bill Clinton to trade his burgers for whole plants During my quest to learn the truth about nutrition, I was always on the lookout for superb credentials and  unquestioned authenticity. I found just that with...

Water...finite, essential, precious and unnecessarily wasted by humans

J Morris Hicks | April 3, 11 at 06:21 AM | Green, International

Read More: plant-based diet, water conservation, water pollution

How so? According to my research since 2002, the single biggest source of human squandering of our water supply is how we have chosen to eat in the western world. And there is no doubt in my mind that...

Joel Fuhrman, M.D. -- an enlightened physician

J Morris Hicks | March 30, 11 at 07:36 AM | Health

Read More: medical experts, plant-based nutrition, reversing disease

  Learning about the powers of plant-based nutrition -- by accident When I first began my quest to learn all about the optimal diet for humans back in 2002, Joel Fuhrman was one of the first truly legitimate physicians that...

John McDougall, M.D. -- a "trail-blazing" physician

J Morris Hicks | March 24, 11 at 02:11 PM | Health

Read More: disease reversing nutrition, plant-based, whole food

Along with a few other brave pioneers, Dr. John McDougall is featured prominently in our upcoming book about food and the incredible impact that it has on our planet, beginning with our own health. But, it turns out that John has been...

Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn, Jr....a true American hero

J Morris Hicks | March 22, 11 at 05:20 AM | Health

Read More: caldwell esselstyn, cleveland clinic, heart disease, reversal of heart disease, toothless paper tiger

 Yale grad, Olympic Gold, Bronze Star, top surgeon at the Cleveland Clinic and the doc that may have saved Bill Clinton's life How much more do you need to know about this great man? He has excelled in everything he...

Eating a near optimal "4-Leaf" a toxic world

J Morris Hicks | March 20, 11 at 09:03 AM | Food, Lifestyle

Read More: 4-leaf program, natural diet for humans, optimal diet, take charge of your health

It all goes back to the natural diet for our species...whole plants. As Dr. T. Colin Campbell has often said, "the closer we get to a diet of whole plant foods, the better off we will be." So, let's assume...

Your Viagra and Lipitor not working so well?

J Morris Hicks | March 17, 11 at 02:07 PM | Health

Read More: all drugs are toxic, counterfeit drugs, pharmaceutical roulette, toxic drugs

The crazy new game of Pharmaceutical Russian Roulette  Counterfeit drugs have taken pharmaceutical madness to a whole new level. This past Sunday (3-13-11) on 60-Minutes, there was a pretty scary story about the prevalence of fake drugs in the marketplace....

Does Bill Clinton really "need" that protein shake?

J Morris Hicks | March 15, 11 at 05:02 AM | Celebrities, Health, Lifestyle

Read More: plant-based nutrition, protein, protein shakes

 Where do you get your protein? The question most often heard by those of us who eat no meat. The word protein is synonymous with meat in our western world, and it will probably be a very long time before the...

Murdock; not vegan, but eating very well

J Morris Hicks | March 11, 11 at 01:33 PM | Lifestyle

Read More: healthy eating, longevity, whole plant foods

Trying to live to the record age of 125 years The New York Times Sunday Magazine (3-6-11) featured a lengthy article on the super-wealthy Dole tycoon, David Murdock, and the diet-style he thinks can keep him alive for another 38 years...when he...

The "Dollars and Sense" of eating...

J Morris Hicks | March 7, 11 at 05:59 AM | Food, Health

Read More: cost of food, food subsidies, healthy eating, healthy food

  Some good news and bad news Many people have the idea that it costs much more to eat a healthy diet. Well, yes and no. Unfortunately, if you compare the cost of a calorie of fast food fare with...

Healthy Dining in Texas...during Rodeo Week

J Morris Hicks | March 1, 11 at 06:00 AM | Food, Health, Lifestyle

Read More: health-promoting diet, healthy eating, ordering in restaurants, whole plants

Even during Rodeo Week, it is possible to order a healthy meal in almost any restaurant in Texas. I didn't say the healthy meal would be listed on the menu, I said that you could order one. And that's what we...

The price of oil...and the food that we eat

J Morris Hicks | February 28, 11 at 04:10 AM | Green, International

Read More: energy, environment, peak oil

Our best near term solution to conserving fossil fuels is right under our noses -- it's what we put in our mouths every day. Blogging from Houston today, I thought this would be a good day to cover this critical...

Why do some vegetarians get fat?

J Morris Hicks | February 26, 11 at 12:55 PM | Health, Lifestyle

Read More: obesity, vegan, vegetarian

The "V" words and why I don't like them  Vegetarian and Vegan. Those words are all about what they don't eat. For example; they don't eat meat, they don't eat cheese, they don't eat eggs, etc. So if they're not...

Michelle Obama...coming up short on healthy eating

J Morris Hicks | February 24, 11 at 04:23 PM | Celebrities, Food, Health

Read More: cost of health care, Michelle Obama, obesity, weight-loss

She's doing some good things...but she could do So Much More First lady Michelle Obama's Super Bowl Party made the news a few weeks ago...focusing on the not-so-healthy food that she served her guests. While starting a vegetable garden...

Cancer Screening...a very big business

J Morris Hicks | February 22, 11 at 07:24 AM | Health

 Extensive screening gets patients in the door Screening for cancer in the U.S. and other western countries has become a very big business...that's often followed by an even bigger business -- surgery, chemo and radiation. Take the ubiquitous colonoscopy for example,...