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Blog Entries by J Morris Hicks

Gupta over Oz -- Proving that we want CLARITY over confusion

J Morris Hicks | September 8, 11 at 06:21 AM | Celebrities, Health

Read More: gupta oz, reversal of heart disease

  Another lop-sided football score, something like 49-0 During the past week, CNN's Dr. Sanjay Gupta aired his heart attack documentary numerous times -- and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. I am particularly impressed with what Sanjay is still...

Oz takes "confusion over clarity" to a new level - TIME

J Morris Hicks | September 5, 11 at 06:22 AM | Celebrities, Health

Read More: gupta and oz, last heart attack, oz myths about food

The Oz Diet. No more myths. No more fads. What you should eat -- and why. Leading off with a title like that, you're no doubt expecting to see some much-needed clarity on this crucial topic -- but Dr....

American Hangnail "Association." Do we need one?

J Morris Hicks | September 2, 11 at 04:06 AM | Health

Read More: esselstyn clinton, heart attack proof, ornish heart disease, the last heart attack

  No. And we may not need one for heart disease very much longer... If you missed the CNN Special "The Last Heart Attack" this past Sunday, you will have several opportunities to see it -- described later in this...

"The Last Heart Attack" on CNN -- My Review

J Morris Hicks | August 30, 11 at 09:53 AM | Celebrities, Health

Read More: bill clinton diet, CNN special last heart attack, esselstyn, reverse heart disease, sanjay gupta

Overall it was a fabulous, life-saving, telecast -- but... While watching the show from near Boston during Hurricane Irene, my first thought was that both Irene and the "Sanjay Special" had fallen short of meeting expectations. Thankfully in the...

"Audacious" Campbell and Esselstyn on CNN -- Says Dr. Gupta

J Morris Hicks | August 26, 11 at 10:42 AM | Celebrities, Health

Read More: Campbell, Esselstyn, reversal of heart disease, Sanjay Gupta

Leading up to tomorrow's telecast on CNN, Dr. Sanjay Gupta posted a very powerful few paragraphs on the CNN website this week. As I read it, it occured to me that this may very well be the first time that...

Brian Williams, super-foods, and "confusion over clarity."

J Morris Hicks | August 24, 11 at 09:11 AM | Celebrities, Health

Read More: brian williams super-foods, confusion over clarity, health promoting foods

Those employed in the "system" actually think that they are helping -- but in fact they are only adding to the confusion. On the NBC Evening news (8-22-11), Brian Williams introduced a piece about healthy eating saying "What if...

Academic freedom in peril? T. Colin Campbell at Cornell

J Morris Hicks | August 22, 11 at 08:12 AM | Health

Read More: academic freedom, cornell university, industry controlled schools of nutrition

  Cornell decision to ax courses steps on academic freedom -- Ithaca Journal Since most of us grew up eating the typical Western, a.k.a. the Standard American, Diet we have all assumed that it was the healthiest possible way for...

Grassroots Revolution 101 -- We must make our plant-based lifestyle attractive in order to reach the "mainstream."

J Morris Hicks | August 19, 11 at 07:09 AM | Lifestyle

Read More: grassroots revolution, michelle obama, natural diet for our species

Leveraging an artful blend of modeling and marketing A reader from Minnesota recently suggested that we get serious about launching that grassroots revolution that I have been talking about on my blog. So, I thought I would get that...

Jamie Oliver and Michelle Obama..."Eat Your Veggies"

J Morris Hicks | August 16, 11 at 06:45 AM | Celebrities

Doing some good things, but still lacking the "clarity" that we need. Celebrity Chef Jamie Oliver is featured in the cover story of the August 2011 Delta Sky Magazine that I read inflight earlier this week. As it states...

FOOD -- World's brightest are missing the main point.

J Morris Hicks | August 10, 11 at 09:45 AM | Green, International

Read More: land degradation, limited arable acres, loss of species, unsustainable feeding model for the world, world hunger

  When it comes to our food, most of the world's brightest still believe we "need" to eat animal protein. We don't. In fact, it's killing us and it's taking a huge toll on our planet at the same time.  Julian...

Einstein, Hippocrates, Thoreau...those guys had it right.

J Morris Hicks | August 8, 11 at 05:29 AM | Celebrities

Read More: Einstein a vegetarian, leadership, Sustainable eating

Some great thinkers have been on the right track for a long time. Humankind lived in harmony with nature for several hundred thousand years until just recently -- within the past few hundred years. And, according to the research...

Living "green" means much more than being politically correct...

J Morris Hicks | August 4, 11 at 06:48 AM | Green

Read More: cruel western diet, harmful, unsustainable, wasteful

Pareto Principle -- the 80-20 rule -- and the Law of the "Vital Few" One of the coolest and most powerful things that I learned as an undergraduate in Industrial Engineering was Pareto's Law, which has come to be...

Obesity, diabetes -- still getting worse, with no end in sight...

J Morris Hicks | July 31, 11 at 03:33 AM | Health

Read More: diabetes, obesity and the food we eat, optimal diet for humans

  WASHINGTON (AP) — In 1995, no state had an obesity rate above 20 percent. Now, all but one does. (July 7, 2011) No obesity in this house; my co-writer and Lisa heading out for a 50 mile bike ride...

Burning trees in the Amazon -- to feed pigs in China

J Morris Hicks | July 29, 11 at 03:51 AM | Green, International

Read More: cruel and unsustainable typical Western diet, harmful, Sustainable eating, wasteful

  Just when you think that it couldn't getting any crazier regarding our typical Western diet, you see a headline like this one. We're not the only nation that has become addicted to the most harmful, wasteful, and unsustainable diet...

Remember when your doctor smoked cigarettes?

J Morris Hicks | July 26, 11 at 04:30 AM | Health

Not only did most of them smoke; they regularly appeared in cigarette ads. It's hard to imagine a physician that smokes today, but it's not hard to imagine a physician who participates in a much more deadly regimen --...

"Natural" Diet -- Exactly what do I mean by natural?

J Morris Hicks | July 22, 11 at 05:57 AM | Green

Read More: cruel and unsustainable, harmful, wasteful

Within our book and on this blog-site, we frequently refer to the natural diet for our species. A reader has asked me to clarify exactly what I mean by "natural," as that word can mean different things to different people....

Fish-Farming -- A sad "solution" to an unnecessary problem

J Morris Hicks | July 19, 11 at 10:28 AM | Food, Green, Health

Read More: bill clinton fish, fishing unsustainable, j. morris hicks

 Time reports on the "last wild food" of the human race. A little longer than our short daily posts, this is one you need to read carefully. It's all about fish and how our appetite for them has damaged the...

Olive Oil; not a health food...the first in a series of six

J Morris Hicks | July 14, 11 at 11:30 AM | Food, Health

Read More: esselstyn, healthy food, heart disease, olive oil

I received a note from a reader recently about someone who had just been told that olive oil was not good for you: Hi, I am so confused about the oil issue. The movie "Forks over Knives" says that...

Lack of clarity from the likes of Dr. Andrew Weil...

J Morris Hicks | July 12, 11 at 02:01 PM

Read More: andrew weil, Bill Clinton no dairy, Bill Clinton plant-based diet, health-promoting diet

  Dealing with the "authoritative but contradictory" voices of the "system" This post is a bit longer than most but contains information worth sharing. It may take you a few minutes longer to digest this important information about one of...

"Tweeting" the whole truth about the food we eat in less than 140 characters

J Morris Hicks | July 8, 11 at 11:43 AM | Food

Read More: eating in harmony with nature, less animal suffering, vibrant health

You may never hear the "whole truth" about the Casey Anthony saga, but you have already heard the whole truth about something much more important. The question is, what are you going to do with that truth? These days, if you...