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From: Valerie (
Subject:         Christian book's tapes and videos
Date: September 15, 2005 at 1:28 pm PST

These are in great condition from Non_smoking home. Flate rate shipping of $10.00 from NS, Canada. So order as many as you want and get the same $10 shipping


Sensitivity to the Holy Spirit by Joyce Meyer (4 tapes) $15.00

These teachings will help you learn what is pleasing to God and how to avoid doing the things that grieve and quench His Spirit. As a result, you'll experience a more powerful and victorious life of intimacy with the Father.

Busyness or Fruitfulness by Joyce Meyer (five tapes) $20.00

This important series will motivate you to take a serious look at your activities and decide which ones aren't bearing fruit.

Discipline and Self-Control by Joyce Meyer (four tapes) $15.00

Discipline and self-control are choices, not laws—tools, and not master. God has given us the tools of discipline and self-control to lead us toward victory. Joyce shares practical points for transforming your personal world from frustration to victory!

A Fresh Start at How You See Yourself by Joyce Meyer (video) $15.00

What do you see when you look at yourself—a failure waiting to happen or a person with great potential? God sees you as a person with great potential. Your worth and value are not based on your personal performance. It's based on how God sees you. Running Time: 60

Taking Back What the Devil Stole by Joyce Meyer (six tapes) $25 .00

Don't give up! Satan wants you to think that all you have left in your life is our pile of rubbish. Determine today to neutralize the devil's power by walking in the authority that God gave you.

The Lord, Teach Me to Pray by Joyce Meyer (six tapes) $25 .00

Becoming the friend of God, how to pray effectively, boldness in prayer, 17 reasons why prayer isn't answered are featured on these cassettes about how to pray effectively.

Be Still and Know That I Am God by Joyce Meyer (five tapes) $20.00

This 5-tape teaching series will help you identify and overcome the things that consistently rob you of spending time with God and develop the desire to require His presence as a vital necessity every day!

How to Be Radically and Outrageously Blessed by Joyce Meyer (six tapes) $25

Radical means "drastic or extreme." Outrageous means "beyond all reason, unrestrained, shocking." Are you ready to be radically and outrageously blessed? Say, "Yes!" to God—dont hesitate—and watch for His blessings to overtake you!

Living by Faith One Day at a Time by Joyce Meyer (six tapes) $25.00

Every day brings opportunity and challenge into our lives. No one is exempt. Life happens one day at a time. God is more than able to handle anything you may ever have to face in life. Make a decision today to live by faith, one day at a time!

Closing the Door to Satanic Attack by Joyce Meyer (four tapes) $15.00

Are you tired of constantly being defeated by the same attacks over and over? Learn how to identify and defeat the enemy at his onset-exposing entryways of devastation and defeat-and how you can close the door on his tactics and move forward in victory!

Mount up with the Wings As Eagles by Joyce Meyer (six tapes) $25.00

Joyce's inspiring revelation on this series will help you discover how to be a more effective Christian in your busy world - how to run and not be weary, to walk and not to MOUNT UP WITH WINGS AS EAGLES!

A Recipe for Beauty by Stephanie Wolfe ( Six Tapes) $15.00
Often used as a 6-week Bible study, A Recipe For Beauty is full of wisdom and insight on what it takes to be a truly beautiful Christian woman.
Take a cup of “The Cure for What Ails You”, a dash of “When Calgon Isn’t Enough”, one “Maintaining a High Altitude Attitude”, stir in “A Portrait of a Truly Beautiful Woman” add a pinch of “Becoming a Woman of Purpose” and mix together with " Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Sex (but never expected to hear it from a Pastor’s wife)” and you end up with a delicious recipe for success as a Christian woman.

Eight Specific Reasons Why Christians Suffer by Joyce Meyer (five tapes) $20.00
God provides the way out of every circumstance and promises to give us what we need to be stable and joyful in the meantime. Determine to finish your course with joy! Look beyond where you're at right now and look to the finish that He has for you!

Mind, Mouth, Moods and Attitudes by Joyce Meyer (four tapes) $15.00
When we have only positive thoughts propelling our mouth, moods, and attitudes, God releases a creative power and love force to flow through us. It can equip us to do anything He asks of us! God has a good plan, and He wants to bless your life!

Bloom Where You Were Planted by Joyce Meyer (video) $15.00
In John 15, Jesus teaches that He has chosen and planted us so we might go and bear much fruit, which will glorify the Lord. Our job is not to worry about where we are planted, but our job is to bloom where we are planted. Once you are satisfied, happy, and fruitful where you are, expect God to bless you beyond belief, not just once, but over and over again! Running Time: 60

Confidence (four tapes) by Joyce Meyer $15.00
It is important for you to learn who you aren't in yourself and who you are in Christ. This series of teachings will bring you practical help on how to overcome your fears and have the confidence to be all God created you to be.

How to Live Stress-Free in a Stressful World by Joyce Meyer (four tapes) $15.00
Stress-we all experience it to one degree or another. The good news is that Christians may be in the world-according to the words of Jesus in John 17-but we are not of the world. We CAN live stress free in a stressful world, but it requires some decisions-possibly some radical decisions. Begin your journey today and allow God to lead you out of a stressful lifestyle and into one of peace and joy.

Free Indeed (four tapes) by Joyce Meyer $15.00
The pathway to freedom may not be easy, but you can be free from the bondages that have held you captive and hindered God's perfect plan for your life. Break free from the areas of your life that are out of order and become Free Indeed!

Where the Mind Goes the Man Follows by Joyce Meyer (five tapes) $25.00
What you and I allow into our minds directly affects our words, actions, and ultimately, our destiny. Learn to set your mind "and keep it set" on heavenly things, not on the things of earth, and just watch what God will do!
A Lost Art of Enjoying Life by Joyce Meyer (six tapes) $25.00

God intends for you to be fulfilled and overflowing with joy! Joyce reveals several possible reasons why you may not be enjoying your Christian walk and leads you toward the freedom God wants you to have.

Beside the Still Waters by Joyce Meyer (four tapes) $15.00
Does your mind ever quiet down? What's it like on the inside of you? If stressful is one of your answers, come "Beside the Still Waters" and allow the Lord to lead day at a time.

God Is Your Vindicator by Joyce Meyer (two tapes) $10.00
Make a decision to stop living in bitterness. If you are waiting on God to bring some justice in your life, be careful not to get weary of waiting and take measures into your own hands.

How to Handle People Properly by Joyce Meyer (video) $15.00
If we want to live a successful life, we need to make handling people properly a priority. We must realize we were all born with God-given gifts and personalities...and by helping people develop their potential, God will help you develop yours! Running Time: 70

Sermon on the Mount a Video Series with Eight Participants Guides (four part of video series) $60.00
posted by Pastor David Jeremiah, he will guide you through for studies of the sermon on the Mount exploring the following themes: Jesus summarizes the Christian life, six insights from Jesus about relationships, six insights from Jesus about responsibility, six insights from Jesus about obedience. This steady can help you in your group members meet cheese as in the Gospel of Matthew. This series will take four sessions.

Boundaries -- When to Say Yes When to Say No -- to Take Control of Your Life Dr. Townsend and Cloud (video series) $75.00
This is a nine session video study on the book of boundaries. It contains on 94 minute video containing nine dramatic and discussion starting segments. It has one leaders kit, one participants guide, one boundaries hardcover book. Dr. Cloud and Towns in offer biblically based answers to tough questions as they show us how to set healthy boundaries with our parents, our spouses, our children, our friends, etc.. This compelling, nine part of video resource helps you define and maintain the clear personal boundaries that are essential to a healthy and balanced Christian life. This is a good series for those who have trouble saying no, have troubles setting limits with people and still being a loving person, and for those who want to be able to answer someone who wants your time, love, energy, and money.

The Holy Spirit -- Recognize, Respect, Receive, and Respond by Mark Hankins (two tapes) $10
Mark Hankins talks about how not to grief the Holy Spirit, quench the Holy Spirit, resist the Holy Spirit. How to yield to the Holy Spirit.

Never Run at Your Giant with Your Mouth Shut by Mark Hankins (two tapes) $10
Any time God wants to change someone's life he touches their mouth. The word of God gives believers mouth to mouth resuscitation -- God's mouth to our mouth. A winning fight requires a winning confession. Your voice is your address in the spirit.

Confession Builds the Road by Mark Hankins (three tapes) $15.00
Confession builds the road over which faith carries its mighty cargo. This three tapes series will help you effectively fight and win the fight of faith with your good confession.

Revolutionizing Faith by John Arnott (three tapes) $10
This three tapes series looks at faith in having faith in the word of God.

The Blood Covenant by Benny Hinn (One CD) $10
God is a covenant -- keeping God and he places great importance on the blood covenant. The promise to Abraham and his people, through Christ, is an everlasting covenant that extends from Calvary to eternity, and all the blessings and benefits of that covenant are available to you.

The Promise of Healing with Dr. Oral Roberts, Dr. Richard Roberts, Dr Ceflo Dollar and Benny Hinn (five videos) $50.00

Living a life of healing is God's perfect will. In The Promise of Healing, Dr. Creflo A. Dollar, Dr. Oral Roberts, Richard Roberts and Benny Hinn share key biblical components that will reveal God's plan for you to live a life of divine health. There is a promise of healing available to everyone who believes. Make a decision to place your confidence in God's healing Word and maintain what Jesus has already obtained for you through His blood. Healing can be yours!

The Reality of the Holy Spirit -- volume 1 (five videos) $50.00
Your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit, so as a born-again Believer, you are never alone. Wherever you go and whatever you do, the Holy Spirit is with you. Learn how to develop a relationship with the Holy Spirit by ordering The Reality of the Holy Spirit by Dr. Creflo A. Dollar. The next time you are facing a challenge, just remind yourself of Who lives in you! The titles of the tapes are; the person of the Holy Spirit, the Holy Spirit and his anointing, confidence in the Holy Spirit, the character of the Holy Spirit, who is the Holy Spirit.

Beauty for Ashes By Joyce Meyer (hardcover) (2003) $10.00
Receiving Emotional Healing. You will learn: -How to deal with the emotional pain of abuse. -How to understand your responsibility to God for overcoming abuse. -Why victims of abuse often suffer from other addictive behaviors. -How to grab hold of God's unconditional love. -The importance of God's timing in working through painful memories. Many people seem to have it all together outwardly, but inside they are a wreck. Their past has broken, crushed and wounded them inwardly. They can be healed. God has a plan, and Isaiah 61 reveals that the Lord came to heal the brokenhearted. He wants to heal victims of abuse!

God, How Can I Live? By Kay Arthur (hardcover) 2004 $10.00
Christians are “trying to learn what is pleasing to the Lord” (Ephesians 5:10). But what does that kind of life look like? In this non–dated devotional, Kay leads readers through Scripture toward a life that pleases God—a life of prayer, sensitivity to His leading, and obedience to His Word. Readers will discover rich aspects of God’s character and answers to the deepest questions of the heart:
How can we really know God?
How can all things work together for good in my life?
How do we receive the promises of God?
God, How Can I Live? is a journey toward godly living—a daily guide for practicing the eternal truths of God’s Word.

Enjoying the Presence of God by Jan Johnson (softcover) 1996 $5.00
This book is stuffed with practical examples of how to live a God-centered life. Enjoying the Presence of God invites us to do just that. But beware: reading it can be hazardous to a self-centered, performance-oriented lifestyle.

Following for God by Gary Moon (softcover) 2004 $5.00
With heart-stopping insights, practical suggestions, and sly wit, Gary Moon draws readers toward Christ so powerfully we long to bow our hearts in worship. Falling for God is destined to become a classic on spiritual formation.”

Hearing God by Dallas Willard (softcover) 1999 $5.00
As Mr. Willard writes, "Hearing God is but one dimension of a richly interactive relationship, and obtaining guidance is but one facet of hearing God." This book points to a life long relationship with Christ, and will lead the reader into being the kind of person He calls each of us to be. --.

Power healing by John Wimber (softcover) 1986 $5.00
This is not a splashy, sensational account of testimonies to healing. Testimonies there are, but Wimbers excellent handling of the subject of healing is presented, not as evidence of the insights and abilities of Wimber, but, as Richard Foster comments in the Introduction, as a reminder "that at the very heart of God is the desire to give and forgive. [This] book encourages us to believe that God is good and that he desires to pour out his goodness into our hearts and lives."

God's Remedy for Rejection by Derek Prince (softcover) 1993 $5.00
If you have had a life-long sense of rejection, this book will reach right into the core of this life-limiting problem. In reading this book, we come to understand who we are from God's perspective--not man's--which gives us a sense of self-worth and value. It is a must for anyone who feels isolated, unseen, unheard, or who is trying to encourage someone else who is suffering from the pain of rejection. --.

Secrets for Exceptional Living By Joyce Meyer (hardcover) 2002 $10.00
In this book by bestselling author Joyce Meyer you will learn the secrets to growing spiritually like never before. Start impacting your life and the world around you. Family, friends and co-workers will begin noticing the transformation within you and will want to know the Source of this lasting change. Bear fruit and give it to others to taste and see that the Lord is good! When you apply the Word of God and cultivate the fruit of the Spirit, you will begin to lead the exceptional life that God has planned for you.

The Word of God with Power by Jack Taylor (softcover) 2003 $5.00
With penetrating wisdom, Taylor examines the Word and reveals the transforming power it possesses because Christians must understand all the manifestations of the Word of God to truly live the empowered life. Taylor covers the Trinity, the creation of Earth, Jesus, and more.

The Shadow of Evening and the Power of the Night by Chris Walley (two softcover's, fiction) $10.00
These two books had such an unusual twist on the much used genre of good vs evil. It looks at the concept from a whole new angle and highlights perfectly the battle for mankind’s soul. Starting with a pure society where only goodness and truth abound, it shows what happens when evil begins to encroach on this perfect society. It begins with subtle changes in personality to then full blown war, isolating one of the newly created worlds from the rest of the Assembly. This is the first two books in the series The Lamb Among the Stars consider ed young adult reading.

How to Behave in a Cave by Cathy Duplantis (softcover) 2000 $5.00
Cathy Duplantis provides an insightful look into the lives of David, Jonathan, and Elijah, three men in a cave who could have given up and quit, but decided to walk out in victory instead. Through their example, you will discover God has not given up on you, even though you may have given up on yourself.

The Glorious Disturbance- Understanding and Receiving at the Baptism the Spirit by Ernest Gentile (softcover) 2004 $10.00
Ernest Gentile unveils the beauty and power of the baptism with the Holy Spirit and explains why God wants to give this gift to all Christians. He shows how Spirit baptism is a vital foundation to continuing price work on Earth. And he describes the awesome transformation that occurs when people follow Jesus in receiving this marvelous gift.

Developing Your Prophetic Gifting by Graham Cooke (softcover) 2003 $10
This book will give you practical instruction on moving in the gift of prophecy. It will help establish biblical guidelines for churches to pursue the prophetic gift and ministry it will help support church leaders as they seek to build a credible local partnership with prophetic people.

Your Sons and Daughters Shall Prophesy by Ernest Gentile (softcover) 1999 $10
Ernest shows that the apostles intended prophecy to continue as a vital function in the church's ongoing development. This book presents the scriptural background and theoretical concepts behind prophecy, interspersed with the first-hand accounts and personal observations.

You May All Prophesy By Steve Thompson (softcover) 2000 $5.00
this book provides scriptural encouragement and practical instruction to help you: Discover how God speaks to you, discern when and how to speak prophetically to others, understand and interpret dreams and visions, recognize how prophecy functions in the local church, overcome obstacles unique to ministering prophetically..

The World's Easiest Guide to Family Relationships BY Gary Chapman (softcover) 2001 $10.00
Gary has created an easy to use, comprehensive guide to family relationships. These insights provide the tools for successful relationships for those whose marriages are in trouble and for those raising their children as single parents. Improve your marriage and parenting skills in both the your word and actions by: creating harmony, satisfying needs, expressing love, managing stress, handling anger.

The Blessing Workbook by Gary Smalley and John Trent (softcover) $10.00
Based on the best-selling book the Blessing, this workbook takes you even further as it helps you explore the relationships and personalities of those within your family and offers practical advice that will guide you to put the principles of the Blessing into action. Soon you will see the life-changing results of unconditional love and acceptance for yourself and for those you love.

From Orphans to Heirs -- Celebrating Our Spiritual Adoption by Mark Stibbe (softcover) 1999 $5.00
The author explores this image of adoption, much neglected as a way of understanding our salvation, yet crucial in an age when so many people are searching for intimacy.

Practicing That the Presence of People by Mike Mason (softcover) 1999 $5.00
Learn how to build deeper, more meaningful, relationships with others -- and be drawn into more intimate connection with your adoring father..

See Yourself As God Sees You By Josh McDowell (softcover) 1999 $5.00
Regardless of your past, God sees you for who you really are and he likes what he sees. That's why he took the extra ordinary, self-sacrificing steps to form a relationship with you. Accept that relationship, and experience the true joy of being you!
The Love That Languages of God by Gary Chapman (softcover) 2002 $5
Dr. Chapman school for readers is that they may be led to explore the possibility of speaking different love languages to God and thus expanding their own understanding of God and others.

The Heavenly Man by Paul Hattaway (softcover) 2002 $5
This is the intensely dramatic story of how God took a young, half starved boy from a poor village in Henan province named Brother Yun and used him mightily to preach the gospel despite horrific opposition.

Reliving the Passion by Walter Wangerin Jr (hardcover) $5
These readings are more than a recounting of the events of the crucifixion; they are an imaginary reenactment, leading the reader to re-experience the passion or perhaps see it fully for the very first time.
Running with the Giants BY John C. Maxwell (hardcover) $5
From Rebecca to David, Abraham to Moses, running with the Giants puts us face-to-face with the towering figures of the Bible from these great heroes comes the inspiration to live as they did: as leaders, as success stories, and as people close to God.

The Journey Home -- Finishing with Joy by Bill Bright (softcover) 2003 $5
This is a powerful, inspiring story of knowing God's purposes amid personal struggles. Even in the face of suffering and death, Dr. Bright never wavered in his faith.

The Breakthrough Anointing-by LaNora Van Arsdall (softcover) 2003 $5
Breaking out of mundane repetition into a life of significance is possible! Revival is usually not a sudden powerful experience but the result of a process of breakthroughs. If you find yourself on a spiritual plateau, this book will lead to step-by-step to the heights of effectiveness for God.

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