Ellen Sheen

Ellen Sheen

Posted September 21, 2010

Published in Food

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Project Food Blog - La Pure Mama's Challenge!

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P8070079.JPGHello friends!

In my fantastic blogging efforts, I have entered a contest... Foodbuzz is hosting Project Food Blog, a challenge to find the 'next food blog star'. Essentially it is the next food network star for bloggers!
This first challenge will cut the contestants from 1,600 ish to 400! That's a big jump! Aside from the three judges they have, anyone can vote and outside votes do make a difference in the selection process; in addition there is a 'viewer's choice' selection. To vote, you just have to register for Foodbuzz; you don't have to have a food blog and it's a great place for recipe/cooking inspiration!

My first challenge entry is up and open for judging until the 23rd. You can go here: to view my profile and first submission. I'm contestant number 644; this is also the link that will allow you to vote. You can also go directly to my blog,,  but to vote you have to head over to Foodbuzz's Project Food Blog.
I would greatly appreciate your time reading my entry and your vote, if you so choose. Feel free to also pass this on.. let's get a veggie gal in the running if we can! If I get past the first challenge I will have a chance to do some amazing cooking and blogging and maybe even be the next Food Blog Winner!!
Feel free to email me at if you have any questions at all! Thank you so much!



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