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Man, Beast: Who's Good? Who's Evil? (VIDEO)


100%. This is another one of my peeves. I'll start with Sanibel Island in Florida. What a disgraceful and horrific legacy towards wildlife this island has perpetrated.

Vacationers were feeding the alligators. Tossing BBQ steaks etc. from their backyard porches to the 'gators and thinking they were being cool. Human animals being stupid and dumb failed or denied the reality that when wildlife is fed by human animals, they instantly associate US with food.

And so in the mid 2000's Sanibel Island, after the deaths of two individuals by 'gators, began a killing spree. Today on this island, you cannot find an alligator that is larger than about 3 feet and you have to search very very hard to find one period. Once they reach 4' they are shot.

We used to love looking for 'gators in Bailey Tract, or Ding Darling Preserve. Those days are gone thanks to the ultimate APEX predator of all time. US. Human animals - the most destructive and deadly species. We should have stayed in the caves.

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Tea and Flouride Risk


This is fascinating considering that we have are now living in a home with high fluoride in the well water (7mg/L). We didn't feel comfortable with this but after reading your articles on fluoride Dr. Greger we're hesitant about what to do, if anything.

I recently had a very unpleasant experience in the dental sense and was advised by a dental surgeon to rinse a minimum of 8 times per day with an over the counter Fluoride rinse. Not only did this not help the problem (I'm now with another dentist and have thankfully ceased the ridiculous treatment) but it worried me greatly concerning what kind of chemical or other damage I did my teeth (if any)? At my age of 57 I thought this advise ludicrous in the first place.

Thanks for the informative and educational pieces here Dr. G.

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Wheat Belly & Grain Brain -- Ha! (VIDEO)


I have not read either of these books. I'm wondering if the authors are referring to the diabetes and cancer causing highly refined wheats and grains that make up products such as bagels, pastry rubbish and other highly refined franken foods?

The products that make me nervous are corn, soy and beets. All our corn is GMO as is all soy and beets. Not knowing what GMO does to our bodies, I try to limit their intake. As to all the other grains, they are stellar and truly wonder foods as this terrific video so aptly demonstrates.

We consume on a daily basis, kamut, millet, spelt, red and other color rices and wild rice as well as lentils. I cook them all separately then mix them together, add a dash of saffron and other seasonings. Delicious.

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Are Veggie Meats Healthy?


This is great information. I know an acquaintance who professes to be vegetarian and consumes dairy and eggs but has engaged in heated arguments with me regarding what she calls "faux meat". "What's up with that" she asks.

What's up with it I respond is that no animal had to suffer and die. And now this is proof positive that it is way healthier than a poor dead soul.

I'd love to pass this onto her, but I've had negative feedback from all other material I've given her. We can offer the well of wisdom to many, but few choose to drink.

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