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August 10, 1948


Idaho, USA

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I went to Temple University, Philadelphia, Pa


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Christian: Mormon

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Craig Holman

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John Mackey is putting the WHOLE back into Whole Foods


I heard John Mackey speak and had a chance to meet him at McDougall Advanced Weekend. What an outstanding man. I see things going on now that make me more optimistic that maybe things will change for the better. I also consider the diseases of affluence and poverty and think maybe our country's current poverty direction may be a blessing in disguise. Maybe we will not have the money for physicians or the diet loved by many. Maybe we will get healthy in spite of our health care system.

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Egg industry claims "invalid...unconvincing, unsupportable and easily refuted."


It is interesting to read the white paper related to this. Greger writes a paper with 19 pages of information backed by 16 pages of references. His effort at supporting his positions amazes me. I would regard his opinion highly.

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How to Win An Argument With a Meat-Eater


In response to the points made negative to the above arguments.

The hunger argument is reasonable. It is not proven that we will transfer resources to the starving but if we have limited resources than the starving are not going to see food.

The environmental argument. Producing plants does not cause the environmental problems of animals. Read Plan B.

The Cancer Argument. It is documented in hundreds of respected medical journals the connection between nutrition (diet) and cancer in anywhere between 35-65% of cancers depending on your source. Keep the blinders on your eyes.

The cholesterol argument. While I believe there are other issues than cholesterol, ie. inflammation, homocysteine, and omega 3 related to heart disease cholesterol is an issue. Continue with moderation. The Framingham study, the largest heart study ongoing, documents that a cholesterol under 150 mg% is protective.

The natural resouce argument. "irrelevant, presposterous, to very questionable". I hope you are living on the land with water from the underground. Do you realize that the Ganges River, the Yellow River and others that are fed by glaciers on in trouble as are the millions of people that depend on them. Closer to home look at the levels of the Ogallala (sp?) aquiphor and wonder what the future holds. We use tremendous amounts of water raising beef. One day it will be a question of whether I can have my pound of meat or a drink of water.

As to your concluding comment about using statistic being subjective, I disagree. It is possible to bend statistics many ways (see the pharmaceutical industry) but a good study with statistics is less subjective than not. The outdated point is valid. (One of a few valid points you make)

By the way KFC is having a double down promotion you might like. Eat your meat.

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Dr. McDougall cuts corporate health care expenses in half using starch-based diet (VIDEO)


John Mackey comments in Wall Street Journal reflect his opinion that there is no insurance program, i.e. private (Blue Cross Blue Shield) or public (universal health care) that is sustainable. We have such an epidemic of obesity and the chronic disease that follows a lifestyle including the western diet. If we individually and collectively do not make changes there will be tragic consequences in the future. It is not affordable. Good health is less expensive and far more rewarding than disease.

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Survival of the Fittest

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Natural Treatment for Cluster Headaches

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AJ Loses MORE Weight -- on Veggies & Starch (VIDEO)

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