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takingcareofmomma - the weight loss could at least partly be explained by the fluid loss from her legs. Does she look worse than she did 3 months ago? Does her face look too thin? Is she more lethargic?
It looks like you have stumbled upon an effective treatment for Alzheimer's disease, something that has not previously been reported. Do not stop the vegan diet. Do not use margarine, since it contains trans fats and is possibly even more unhealthy than butter. Also, I believe that Ensure is made from cow milk, which is about as safe as tobacco.
Write Dr. John McDougall at for advice on how to deal with your mom's doctor. One would think that your doctor would like to study her improvement with a vegan diet and to see how much she could ultimately improve. It could be argued that he is economically threatened by the possibility of Alzheimers disease being controlled without doctors, and that he is trying to remove this threat. This reprehensible type of coverup is already being done with multiple sclerosis, which will also respond to a low-fat vegan diet.

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