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Nuts Don't Cause Expected Weight Gain


Jeff Novick recently did a talk on the nut confusion. His comments seem to be in direct conflict with the studies that Dr Gregor cites above, and Dr Gregor's conclusions therefrom.

I wonder how much effect the background diet has on these results? That is, if a person is already eating a sound vegan diet without nuts, then adds them, how much effect would be seen? I doubt that a small amount (5-7 almonds or walnut halves) would have any observable effect, allergies aside, and large amounts would probably affect the body like added vegetable oils (not good).

Nevertheless, I suspect that nearly all the studies done to date have looked at the effect of nuts when added to the standard american diet (SAD). These are typically funded by nut growers looking to show that their products are a magic bullet for health, especially for those eating the SAD diet.

When will we ever learn that all food intake must be considered together to understand the response of the body?

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