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What to serve at Easter


Looking forward to watching this video. Unfortunately, the video is not live here - I'll have to try to find it on YouTube.

Thanks for the new idea!

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Zoo Gorillas Go on Plant-Based Diet and Reverse Heart Disease


@ Vegan Vagabond: Agreed! I find it shocking that zoos would even consider feeding animals differently than they would eat in the wild.

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Low Carb Book Authors -- ARE FAT! (VIDEO)


@maggie: I've been learning from Jon Gabriel a lot lately and as far as I can see, he says he lost 200 pounds without dieting. He says all dieting causes the body to want to be fat. From what he says, he doesn't believe in diets at all.

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Wheat Belly & Grain Brain -- Ha! (VIDEO)


I wonder if you've actually read either of those books? I haven't read Grain Brain, but if you're lumping it in with Wheat Belly, maybe I will.

Wheat Belly's main point about modern grains is that they have been so drastically modified by agricultural scientists that they no longer come anywhere near resembling what even our grandparents ate just 50 years ago. That's where the problem comes in with grains. Wheat no longer resembles the wheat of ancient times. Neither do the other grains.

It's the breeding of these grains that make them such a problem for modern people.

I'd also like to point out that while the author of Wheat Belly advocates eating meat, dairy, eggs and fish, he does recommend that we use organic, natural products as far as possible.

The recipes in both Wheat Belly and the Wheat Belly Cookbook, are full of nutritious vegetables, nuts, and seeds.

There is strong science to back up what the author is saying about wheat and other grains.

I've done my best to stay away from the grains for 2 months now, and the weight is falling off. I also have far more energy than I did 2 months ago. I feel my diet is very balanced and I'm eating far more vegetable now than I was. I don't overdo the meats or dairy, eggs or fish.

The statements you make truly lead me to believe you have not read these books.

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