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Rich Murray


Rich Murray, MA
Boston University Graduate School 1967 psychology,
BS MIT 1964, history and physics,
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Forks Over Knives on Dr. Oz (VIDEO)


Aspartame has 11% methanol (wood alcohol), which quickly is made into formaldehyde right in the tissues of liver, brain, retina, kidney, skin...

Other methanol (formaldehyde) sources include tobacco and wood smoke, dark wines and liquors, and many consumer products.

Look up "Aspartame Controversy" on .

aspartame abstinance cures fibromyalgia chronic pain in 2 French adults: R Ciappuccini et al, Clin Exp Rheumatol 2010 Nov: Rich Murray 2010.02.19 Saturday, February 19, 2011
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Jacquie Says Goodbye to Diabetes with Plant-based Diet (VIDEO)


Aspartame is indeed 11% methanol (wood alcohol), which the human body
quickly turns into formaldehyde via the ADH enzyme, concentrated in
many tissues: liver, kidney, brain, retina, skin, prostate, breast,
womb, muscle -- forming cumulative micro lesions and a wide variety of

Other methanol (formaldehyde) sources include wood and tobacco smoke,
dark wines and liquors, fruits and vegetables heated in sealed metal
and glass containers, and aspartame, as well as a variety of products
ranging from medicines to new carpet, drapes, and furniture to mobile

People vary enormously in individual vulnerability.

Folic acid can protect many people.

Prof. (retired) Woodrow C. Monte.

Amid health fears, Diet Coke sweetener [aspartame] in safety
spotlight, Sean Poulter, UK Daily Mail 2011.05.27, 141 comments:
Rich Murray 2011.05.30

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Label Reading: Fruit Juice is Worse Than Cola (VIDEO)


Fruit and vegetable juices that are not fresh and are sold at room temperature in sealed containers are potent sources of methanol (wood alcohol) -- worst is tomato juice.

Methanol is quickly made into formaldehyde right inside the cells of 20 specific human tissues by the ADH1 enzyme -- Prof. Woodrow C. Monte, Food Science and Nutrition, Arizona State University, retired 2004, gives 745 free full text medical research references at -- very freshly made juice is safe if used immediately -- fresh tomatoes and black currants should be avoided.

About the same amount of methanol comes from smoke from a pack of cigarettes or two cans aspartame diet drink.

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