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Cycling, walking dogs, drawing, painting, jewellery making, the never ending versatility of Charlie Sheen


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Spiritual but not religious



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The Perils of Dairy (VIDEO)


I think it's extraordinary to consider our DNA is being compromised by the dairy /meat industries. That is really frightening, to think the basics of human nature is being distorted by drinking milk. Thank you sir.

News: Health

John McDougall MD - Solving America's Health Crisis (VIDEO)


Funny thing is, until the Famine of 1947, the Irish people, who lived almost entirely on potatoes, were the tallest, strongest and healthiest in Europe. No heart disease, no diseases at all, except of course in the cities, where they ate unpasteurised milk, meat, air was filthy, everyone smoked. But when Cromwell sent the Irish to Hell or to Connaught, they turned out to be the healthiest people. How else would so many have survived the trip in the Coffin Ships! They had no meat, protein, just veg and potatoes. The odd pig, but rarely; they were divvied up among loads of neighbours. Carrots, Cabbage and potatoes. Lots of it, and oatmeal for breakfast. They have now found that TB, diphtheria, tetanus, whooping cough, whatever else you like to mention (my three uncles died of diphtheria and whooping cough at the ages of 1, 4 and 5). These diseases were well established 10000 years ago when domesticated animals were kept. But it also existed 500,000 years ago, in Georgia, formerly Russia, where people ate deer and other meat. True the gut reduced and the brain grew, but at what cost. Those people might have needed some protein to keep going in extreme conditions, but protein requirement is totaly overexaggerated;plently of protein in a few seeds and bananas and similar. Now we drive to work, sit at desks all day, get totally stressed so we have to hit the pub on Friday and drink ourselves into oblivion, and do the same next week. We even get our sandwiches delivered for lunch to our desks as we have to prove we're the best workers (!) Madness! STOP EATING MEAT!! I haven't eaten meat for 45 years, and am still here! Working with blind children, horses, dogs, braille, whatever. But am still here and cycle everywhere. Live on big sambos of brown bread with lumps of parsley, scallions, plum tomatoes, bananas, mustard, lettuce and toasted sesame seeds. Gorgeous. Lots of fizzy water, and lots of fresh air. I gave up a thriving accounting business as was dying, slowly. You have to change, whatever the cost. Your partner might not be the right one for you, change that too. Always change, always improve, always leave room to learn new good stuff. The universe is iinfite and God is good; just look at the carpet of gold beneath your feet in Autumn:-) Happy daze and a major thumbs up to Dr McDougall for next president -

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