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A Fast Way to Health -- Water-only Fasting


I did a fast alone without anyone's help. I researched it online for information before doing it.

I fasted 10 days on water alone. On the third day there is a smell of alcohol from your mouth, when the body switches to ketosis. I only was hungry for the first day. From the second day no hunger at all, and you have no appetite.

Every day at evening I did an enema. This must be done in order to get out the small pieces of waste that the body generates by eating the bad tissues. If you don't do it then after the 3rd day the toxins from the waste start to get into the bloodstream and you can have headaches and intoxication. If you do the enemas there won't be this problem.

When doing the enemas a careful note should be put upon doing it right. The small intestine should be also irrigated. This should be done by relaxing to let the Ileocecal valve to open and get the water to the small intestine. If you don't do it then actually you don't do the enema to the whole colon.

I have lost 7kg (15lb) in 10 days. Careful note should be put on the food you eat when breaking the fast. The longer the fast the more gradual the returning to your ordinary diet should be.

I broke it with baby food. If you eat a peace of bread when breaking the fast, you can die. The stomach is weak.

Rest and calm environment is necessary also because there is also the moral, psychological effect of the fast. I believe if it's not done right in calm environment without stress, It can do harm.

After doing the fast for half a year I felt a kind of euphoria, lightness, more strength, energy, clear mind and calmness. This was so amazing that only if you do it, you will understand me.

The water only, Therapeutic fasting is called the "Surgeons blade of the nature" because it allows the body to "eat" bad tissue grows of many kinds in the body and heal itself without surgery.

Hope it helps someone.

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