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How I Reversed My Diabetes Eating Potatoes


Thank you for sharing the story. Personally I love all the details. I'm on the verge of being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes based on my fasting blood sugars being near the 126 range regularly, and my history of having gestational diabetes (as well as family history). I started eating a mostly vegan diet about a year ago, however when my blood work came in a couple months ago, my blood sugar and triglycerides had gone up quite a bit. Near the worrisome range. I think it was at that moment I realized that eating a vegan diet (mostly bought at whole foods because I can barely stand to go into a regular grocery store with all the junk they sell) that was not low in fat wasn't benefitting my health much. So I've switched to focus on cutting the fat out too. I appreciate the honesty when you say this is not an easy transition to make, because I agree whole heartedly. As much as I believe in all the programs, the fact that I have a husband and two elemenatary school aged children who don't care to follow the same diet makes it very difficult on me. And I don't care much for cooking (even though I've really TRIED to find some good recipes even my husband and kids will like - I've only found about two over the last year), and I work full time. I do the best I can. So I found this story very inspirational. The other recurring theme I find with diabetes is many people start out overweight. I'm not overweight and never have been (although I'd still be thrilled to lose ten pounds). I have Dr. Barnard's book about reversing diabetes through a low fat vegan diet, but he also mentions being careful on eating high GI foods (like white potatoes!!). So thanks for this-- it's given me another resource while I try to figure it all out, and attempt to stay off lifelong drugs. And congratulations on your success!

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