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Unbelievable story of FDA corruption - Full Documentary online thru June 20


Yes, I watched the whole thing. I was left wanting for more data. Seems all we got were anecdotes and unsubstantiated claims.

I did a little googling and found this article. Note that the article is 6 pages.

Based on that, his claims are definitely suspect. Over time, I have noticed that people without any backing to their claims tend to resort to ad hominens (attack the person, rather than respond to the question/criticism). For example, WAPF (Weston A. Price Foundation) literature is full of ad hominen attacks against plant-eaters. The article has several other good questions.

I think that we as a group are a little susceptible to this sort of stuff. Someone comes out with some alternative way of doing things, claims the government or a corporation is trying to shut them down, and we seem to immediately come to their defense. I figure we are more susceptible to these claims because, in our case, it actually happened; the government has royally messed up the nutritional guidelines, and the meat, dairy, and various unhealthy food industries are lying about their products (just like the tobacco industry). The difference is, we have the data to back up our assertions. But it appears that Burzynski does not. I don't know very much about him, but based on what I saw in the movie, and some quotes in the article, it seems like he is following the well-worn path of a charlatan trying to milk his snake oil for all he can before he gets caught.

You have to remember, you can't believe every book or documentary you come across. For every person, or group, that has a legitimate claim about government and/or industry corruption, there are probably dozens to thousands of frauds claiming the same corruption.

I am not saying he is a charlatan, only that it sure looks like he is based on what little there is to go from. Hence, I suspect he is a charlatan.

Vegsource editors: I wish you would research these things more before you post them. I know we can all get caught up by a well-done documentary that tugs at the right emotional coords and jump to a conclusion too soon (lord knows I am guilty of that many times over). But you have to remember that you have thousands of readers, and you are! People are going to find you when they google. Do you really want sick people looking for help to see "the vegans" endorsing frauds? People who have no understanding of healthy eating read your site and think you represent all vegans. It is unfortunate that anyone is burdened with that responsibility, but that is the position you have.

Realizing that we all have human failings and we can all be manipulated by charlatans, my suggestion to you is to work around this with a change in your process. When you read or see something and think "OMG, I need to tell the whole world about this right now!", I suggest you write up what you want to say about it and leave it on your computer for at least two days - especially for something that is not just a run-of-the-mill-eat-your-veggies article. Give yourselves time to calm down and process the information. Do some googling. Ask one or more of our trustworthy doctors. If it still pans out, then post it. If not, junk it.

Thank you.

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