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May 6, 1957


Missouri, USA


writing guitar music, hiking, running,doing search engine marketing work,

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Spiritual but not religious

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friendship for friendship


have children



I am friendly, health minded, self-employed and have helped those interested do the same. I am for a world of people that is connected, and treats strangers like friends. I am an accomplished guitar player, ( and have a wonderful wife, Linda.

Currently I am building a team of people who would like to make a difference for the world's poorest children who face hunger on a regular basis. This takes, at minimum, a $30 purchase of completely natural non toxic personal care products and in my view, is quite a win-win. Personally, I'm at a $100 level which also sponsors a child.

I hope you'll consider this. The website is listed on my profile.

On top of this, if you have a business with a website that is not delivering customers for you, I can change that for you in a massive (not kidding) way. Go to and fill in the simple form for a free review of your website. You're under no obligation but it can help you in some big ways.


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The Relationship between Violence and Love: A New Year's Resolution


It sounds too simple, but all of the most profound truths I have discovered in my own life are simple. It's the complication of things that distorts how easy life can be.

If people came from a place of love, the negative news stories- at least the intentional ones, would be gone. This year, I've decided to play a little bigger and give more, but do it in a way that makes a difference for some of the world's poorest children. In my searching, I found a rather unique company that allows for this to happen in a self-supporting way. In other words, it's possible to do well by doing good.

Take a look if this has interest, and in the mean time, let's all find ways to spread some love.

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Sodas Linked to Pancreatic Cancer


I've read many articles on soda, and even written some.

Though soda is easily looked at as "normal" in our culture, because of it's common use, it's anything but normal to the body which has to respond very quickly to all that sugar and acidity that is being released at faster rates than foods would release.

Cancer itself propagates more easily in an acidic environment, and the health and pH level of inner terrain we carry around inside our skin is something we have impact on.

Many years ago I drank Mountain Dew before I knew better. Do your body a huge favor, and do whatever it takes to get off soda. Though not easily found at stores, there are healthy alternatives, and if you want to make a real change, consider the info here-

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Treating Menstrual Pain With Diet

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Cayenne for Irritable Bowel

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Survival of the Fittest

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Natural Treatment for Cluster Headaches

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