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April 26, 1971


Michigan, USA

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Henry Ford Community College


Walking the dogs, reading, writing, surfing the internet, training my parrots, working out!!


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Strict Vegan; 100% pure vegetarian!! Case in point you missed Vegans must stay connected to other vegans; spiritually, virtually, emotionally, physically, wouldn't it be great to marry your vegan soul mate!! So with that said when you know better you do better!! I am truly loving this Crazy, Sexy, Diet, it's definitely beyond the dinner table.  

Recently, read an article about a group of Sisters who is trying to separate Veganism into a class' a rank of sort; as if one particular ethnic group can claim the title to veganism; if this isn't the most absurb nonsense I ever hear since the Nation of Islam; trying to separate a one face into a diverse religion like Islaam; NOT!! however, there is no black an white when it comes to Veganism; either you eat meat or you don't!! Vegans are sensitive to the need of an intricate spider spinning Charlotte's Web' as to leave the silk untouched!

But did you know that even if you like meat you can still prevent the unethical treatment of animals.  In fact, Federal law requires mammals to be stunned prior to slaughter exempting Kosher and Hilal.

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Strictly Vegan Here, on this Crazy, Sexy,Diet, totally loving it; and just one more name to add to the list of all time Vegan Atheletes; Claudia Lailhacar (!!!

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