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Lani Muelrath

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May 25, 1952


California, USA


nutrition, scuba, hiking, travel, wildlife conservation, writing, video production


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Lani Muelrath


Lani Muelrath, M.A, the Plant-Strong Fitness Expert, specializes in helping women who struggle with weight and energy transform their bodies  - without hunger or exercising like a maniac.

Lani is the Fitness Expert for Dr. John McDougall's Health and Medical Center and a Guest Lecturer in Kinesiology at San Francisco State University. Also a featured presenter at the Coronary Health Improvement Project (CHIP) program,

She is the creator of the Body Transformation Formula, Fit Quickies, and Woman's Fitness Blueprint. Her signature system of food plan, targeted body shapers, and mindset for mastery is a match made in heaven for busy women looking for a no-nonsense, simple, surefire solution to their fitness, energy, and weight challenges.

Lani is recipient of the Golden Apple Award for Excellence in Instruction. Lani created and starred in her own CBS TV show, and is the Healthy Living Examiner at  examiner. com. She is also r. Her Fit Quickies(TM), targeted body shapers for people on the go, have recently exploded on the marketplace.

Lani overcame her own lifetime struggle with weight over 12 years ago when she lost 50 lbs, which she has maintained easily with the tools  that she now coaches others with to be successful with in weight loss, body shaping, and health.

For more  valuable tips and resources, and to learn more about Lani and her courses, programs, and products go to

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Dr. McDougall Nutrition Bill Passed in Senate Committee (VIDEO)


I'm keenly interested in who will set the guidelines for the nutrition education and how it will be implemented. This wasn't mentioned in the clip hearing, yet I imagine it must have come up?

This is groundbreaking all by itself. Nutrition and doctors? What will they think of next! I have the great good fortune of working with physicians on projects for health improvement (McDougall programs and the CHIP program for example) that does address nutrition as part of health care, yet I'm well aware that these physicians are in the minority.


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