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Want to convince your friends to go vegan? Show them photos of meat and pretend it's vegan -- like VegNews does!


Once every few years VegNews puts out an interesting article, so I never saw what they had to write about The Loving Hut restaurants. I only read second hand accounts of what they wrote on a web board. I started to read Will Tuttle's web site about the issue, but stopped because it seemed to be all about strong emotions, which makes me question a person's credibility. I'm a fence sitter with regards to the issue until I can read something that debates facts.

I stopped reading VegNews long ago because I found it dull. Every few years they publish an interesting article I hear about and can't read because they don't put much online.

If they put such articles online, it might motivate people to buy the magazine to "get more of the same".

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