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To Cook Or Not To Cook - The Raw Food Dilemma


The following excerpt is from the book Natural Weight Control by Dr. Norman Walker, D.Sc., who dedicated most of his life to nutritional research and lived to a ripe old age of around 100 years!

Nutrition: The Fuel Your Body Needs to Run On

In understanding what good nutrition really is, we must keep in mind that dead matter cannot do the work of live organisms. The food we eat must not be subjected to temperatures above 130 degrees F. If so, it will have lost its live, nutritional value because its enzymes will be destroyed.

As enzymes form the fundamental basis of nutrition, they should have first consideration in the choice of our food. It bears repeating that enzymes are not substances which man can create, nor are they capable of being synthesized as supplements for use by the body. Enzymes are the life-principle in every live, organic atom and molecule, whether they are in the body or in Nature’s vegetation.

In the course of the voluntary and involuntary activities of the body, we expend considerable unconscious energy. This energy is furnished by the enzymes in the atoms of the cells and tissues. When, in this process, the enzymes have carried out their function, the atoms involved are discarded, automatically passing into the blood and lymph streams and are then transferred to the colon for expulsion as waste.

The object, then, of nutrition is to replenish and regenerate the atoms and molecules composing the cells and tissues of the body. Food which is truly nutritious must be replete with enzymes. The enzymes in the body give the spark of activity to every cell and tissue, as well as to their functions, so long as the body is alive. The moment the body dies, the life represented by its enzymes is dissipated, at which time the atoms and molecules and the cells and tissues composing the anatomy are no longer subject to regeneration and begin to decompose.

To sum it up, live replenishment is the sequel to good nutrition.

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