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Criminal Gardening -- Grow too much food, and you'll be fined


I notice some of the readers or responders seem to sympathize with the Big Government, that same Big Government that told us to trust them about Weapons of Mass Destruction, that Wonder Bread and Ketchup and hormone-fed meat is GOOD FOR YOU.

Please avoid the temptation to trust blindly Big Government. Don't rush to be an apologist for Big Government. It is deliberately fighting off competition for better ideas and any faintly revolutionary impulsed by THE PEOPLE. They harass people with fines, with legal actions (lawyers cost little people lots of money, but they are on the payroll of Big Government). There is an unholy alliance between Big Government, Big Agri-Business, Huge Corporate Oligarchs, and Big Special Interest Groups. They all collude behind the scenes to oppose the interests of the general public.

In this case, the government has the option to DROP THE CHARGES and DROP THE CASE. That is what they SHOULD DO. It is nasty to enforce piddly-diddly laws which make little sense. A reasonable person needs to assess the SITUATION, not blindly follow the "letter of the law", no matter how absurd said law is. They are acting like Bullies from a Totalitarian Regime, which unfortunately is what the federal and county governments in the USA have become.

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Criminal Gardening -- Grow too much food, and you'll be fined


I am glad we have struck a nerve here. It looks like there are two factions amongst the responders to this article. One is bourgeois liberals who are terrified that people will "panic" and resist that wonderful BIG GOVERNMENT and BIG ESTABLISHMENT which bullies people around with hundreds of thousands of absurd laws even the cops aren't familiar with. And then there are the true revolutionaries, folks who DISTRUST the absurdities and over-reach of the establishment.

Again, my position is simple and compassionate. The county government in this case needs to DROP THEIR CASE and DROP THE CHARGES and zero out any fines this organic farmer allegedly owes Big Brother and Big Agri-Business. The prosecutors' office must have a lot of useless time on its hands to even pursue this non-case.

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Criminal Gardening -- Grow too much food, and you'll be fined


As an aging hippie who sat through an establishment adamantly opposed to the Peace Movement, I have become very skeptical of the bourgeios liberals reformers who grew up with me. They have tolerated or aided and abetted Gulf Wars I & II. AI for one have had it with an Elitist Stacked Deck from Wall Street crooks, Big Pharma, Big Agri-Business, Big Grocery, Big Food Processors, Big Multinational Capitalism, Indoctrination posing as education, and Big Law. Big Law can be defined as a cadre of nerdy, hyper-wordy, thoroughly unproductive parasitic lawyers who legislate tons of incomprehensible or inexcusable laws and bureaucracies. They and their cohorts make $500 + an hour to decipher Latin gibberish as lawyers for the government, or lawyers for the private sector, or lawyers hassling people as judges or prosecutors, all working in cahoots as a racket-profession to beat down the people, but never stepping on the toes of the very rich and powerful. I simply vote NO CONFIDENCE in the establishment or their apologists. Whether it is from the left or the right, I welcome a thorough Second American Revolution, to cleanse corruption and slime from our merciless, sadistic, sociopathic, racket establishment. You could call it a sociopath-ocracy and/or a kleptocracy. 80-90% of our ruling class are just a vicious bunch of conniving liars and thieves and they care NOT for the US Constitution, and they care even less for anyone else but their own families and cronies. I am glad that perhaps most people amongst the Veg Source community see reality clearly and are not persuaded to "feel sorry" for the poor, dear zoning board and establishment of Dekalb County and their ridiculous harassment of an organic farmer, who hasn't poisoned ONE PERSON. You can't say that about some of our monopolistic grocery distributors or big food processors. I doubt even if they killed anyone they'd get any $5000 fine. Or if they did, it would be quietly dropped when no one was still watching.

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