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January 15, 1961


California, USA

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Always in the school of life


Oil Painting, Dog Walking, Bicycling


One Dog named Guy

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I am a vegan since 1980 after changing my diet in respect of what I thought, if I were God, I would want me to eat. After deciding to become a Rabbi at age 17 there was a lot of soul searching. Eventually it came to diet. Well if one is to become a Rabbi, one should eat kosher. The inside debate went from eating kosher to what is kosher and what does it start off with in the Five Books of Moses. The very first law of God and nature is on the sixth day. 1:29 "And God said: 'Behold, I have given you every herb yielding seed, which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree, in which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed--to you it shall be for food."

I am a Realtor in South Orange County California helping people buy or sell their home. I also have a World Wide referral network and can be part of your buying or selling a home anywhere. Please go to our web site above to contact us.

There is also a little Vegan web site that was created years ago and if you have any ideas on what to put there, please feel free to share.

On Twitter I can be found @VeganRealtor

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This is what Chicken McNuggets look like -- Seriously!


Who are you to give meaning to something beyond the scope of what you know? Maybe if that is all he ate that was like a vegetarian now. Now we know what you need to eat and how to get it. Now those who eat meat keep animals in a way that they are not treated like living creatures of God's creation. They are treated like a means of obtaining money. Not as lives.

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This is what Chicken McNuggets look like -- Seriously!


Ok so the alien thing maybe little too much for science? How about evolution? So we as humans are at the forfront. Let's say millions of years from now there is a more evolved being that decides that we would make good eating. Would that be OK just as we decide less evolved creatures are fair game?
Just trying to cover both religeious and scientific bases.
Meat is dead, how healthy can it be to eat death? Not to mention the illnesses that animal has/had.

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This is what Chicken McNuggets look like -- Seriously!


Hey Food man, just falling back on your vast knowledge, what do they use the pink goo for?
I know they use the really sick and rotten animal bodies for dog/cat food, but what to they use the pretty pink stuff for?

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How the ethical argument fails veganism


I became Vegan in 1980 and am today in 2012 still a vegan. My first reason is that is what I would have wanted me to be if I were God. Then in high school, I did extensive research through a Nutrition Almanac. While in transition I found my body feeling better than ever before in my life (not being constipated) and this was further proof I was on the right track.

To stick to a VEGAN DIET is really very easy:

How about a peanut butter sandwich with an apple for a quick meal?

1. One Carbohydrate or Bread (grains, rice, corn).
2. One complete protien or mixture of protien food (beans, nuts, seeds)
3. One fresh fruit or vegetable
Put each of those three in each meal and you will feel sated and stay healthy.

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