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Fat to Fit: Woman Goes Vegan, Loses 100 Pounds, Rids Herself of Illnesses


What a great story! I was by no means in her health situation when I went vegan close to four years ago, but have lost over 70 pounds by eliminating animal products from my diet and walking as often as possible. I'm glad that I made the changes when I did instead of letting then minor issues (like breathing problems and high triglyceride levels) turn into something more severe in the long-term.

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Huge health benefits of purple fruit (VIDEO)


A yummy reminder to make a blueberry smoothie for breakfast! As someone who has had skin problems since my teens I'm interested in natural, whole food alternatives to costly, ineffective medications.

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Whitewash: The book that demolishes dairy (read a free chapter!)


Can't wait to read the book! The dairy industry is insidious and one of those topics I find most frustrating to talk about because the myths of dairy as an ideal food (or too delicious to give up) are so prevalent.

It took me years to wean myself off dairy even though I was lactose intolerant. When I told my doctor at the time that I was planning to eliminate dairy from my diet I got a scare-tactic lecture on how I needed to take calcium supplements lest I risk becoming susceptible to osteoporosis and a host of other maladies. Of course, there was no mention of plant-based sources of calcium.

When I see first-hand the rates of lactose intolerance in communities of color, then go inside public school cafeterias where every child is REQUIRED to have a carton of milk on their tray, disgusts me to no end. And when people buy the lies from Weston A. Price advocates of raw milk to the U.S. government-supported National Dairy Council, it makes work like Dr. Keon's that much more timely and important.

/end rant :P

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Vegetarian equals vegan!


This and the "Vegans are Vegetarians are too" articles are great. Thank you for taking the time to research the origins and evolution of the term vegetarian.

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