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Study: Vegans have more DHA and Omega-3 than Fish-Eaters


Even the caveats given by the seafood company are notable, though. Dr. Esselstyn's very low fat vegan diet (used to prevent and reverse heart disease) does have folks adding 1 T of ground flaxseed to their diet, and since they are not having additional nuts or oils it does accomodate the caveat raised about needing to limit omega-6 fatty acids. No problem. Agreed.

Both my naturapathic physician and my internist are convinced I need to be taking fish oil, so I am looking forward to sharing this article with them. It will interest them, if not convince them.

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Dr. McDougall: Type 1 Diabetes Caused by Milk (VIDEO)


Please make sure that none of your shampoos or soaps in the house contain sodium lauryl (or laureth) sulfate. This is rampant in our household products and is a known skin irritant (google it). I was able to clear up my issues by changing diet AND this (and by eliminating chemical sunscreens, using mineral sunscreens instead).

I also use almond oil as a moisturizer on a regular basis.

Good luck.

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Story of Penny -- Our Rescue Dog (VIDEO)


Great video! I'm so happy for you all. I'd like to recommend "clicker training" as a great method for training Penny -- it uses positive reinforcement and the click serves as a wonderful signal to let her understand exactly what she did right that earned a reward. To learn more about this wonderful method, go to and

(And I'm a former Irish Setter owner myself, and a volunteer for Irish Setter rescue! Love them!)

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