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two rescued pit bulls, sweet!

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If you need help shedding the extra body fat, I am the one as I work with you, not only on cardio exercise and body sculpting but with your nutritional choices. IT WORKS!

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Vegan Holiday Celebration - Millennium Style (VIDEO)


Larry and Ann have created the most wonderful vegan restuarant in the world. We live in Sacramento and still try to get to SF to Millenium as much as possible. Thanks Eric Tucker! When you go there, not only is the ambience delightful, but the food is outstanding and we always know that this is highly upscale and could compete against any top notch restaurant anywere...but it is HEALTHY on top of it!

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Unbelievable story of FDA corruption - Full Documentary online thru June 20


HI all, I really would like to know what Dr. McDougall thinks of this guy...especially since he is overweight himself and not even vegetarian. Dr. Weil is one big fraud! He is fat and fat promotes cancer...he not one to be believed. And a doctor who promotes eggs and milk is himself addicted to both and therefore must say those are healthy. It is kind of like Al Gore not telling the world that animal ag is the biggest earth polluter...only because big Al wants his own cheeseburgers!

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"Vegan America" is Closer Than You Think


Dear Gene and team for Farm Sanctuary! WOW that you traveled across this nation to all the hundreds of vegan restaurants, groups, personalities to show that this compassionate force is not stopping! Like you say, Gene, people ARE naturally kind and do not like hurting other animals. People just need to know that they are NOT strange or nuts if they want to eat in a way that shows their true, compassionate hearts! Thank you so much Gene and team for your huge exposure, not only on Martha Stewart, but by doing this awesome trek around usa. Your visiting so many vegan places shows all who care to find out about living with their own morals can not only eat, but eat delicious food! Farm Sancturary rocks!

Blogs: Animals

"Vegan America" is Closer Than You Think


Gene, thank you so much for doing this awesome vegan tour of restaurants, personalities across America to show that America is turning vegan all over! It is so refreshing to see and know that the compassionate vegan movement is taking off! As you say, people are naturally kind, and once they know how they can do vegan.

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Cayenne for Irritable Bowel

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Survival of the Fittest

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Natural Treatment for Cluster Headaches

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