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New Study: Increased milk intake does NOT protect against osteoporosis (but does promote ovarian and prostate cancers)


My Mother lived to the age of 96yr. She grew up on a farm with dairy cows but never liked to drink milk. As she got older and her friends were falling and breaking hips. I advised her to drink more milk to keep her bones strong. She was wise to not take my advice. Between the ages 93-96 Mother fell a number of times but just got up and went on with "No Bone Fractures." I then understood that because she had stayed away from milk all her life her bones were hard. And I realized how we the American public have been lied to by the Dairy Industry and Government that we must have milk for the Calcium and Strong Bones. It is a Lie. I am 74yr old male and a Vegan for the last 3 years. I take no supplements or prescriptions since on the Vegan Plant based diet.

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