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May 2, 1966


North Carolina, USA


Reading, sewing, needle work, swimming, cooking


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Robin L.

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The Starch Solution: Every Successful Culture was Largely Starch-based (VIDEO)


Thanks for posting this video. This, along with the China Study and Dr. Esselstyn, has changed my life. I will never go back to my old eating habits again.

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FASTING: Safe & Effective Use of an Ancient Powerful Healing (VIDEO)


Fasting isn't intended to be a long-term process. It does allow the digestive tract, which takes a great deal of energy, to rest, giving your body a chance to use energy for healing other body systems. Obviously, you don't want to be fasting when there are great demands on you, but, if you can take a weekend or even a day of rest and not eat, it can be very beneficial.

The video talks about water and juice fasts, so you can still take in nutrients in the form of juices if you are not comfortable with abstaining from food entirely. You should watch "Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead," to see how beneficial fasting can be.

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Low Carb Guru of the Month -- Jimmy Moore (VIDEO)


In all fairness to these guys, I followed the Ornish plan in the 90's and lost a lot of weight. I was able to wear a bikini and look good in it for the first time in my life. When I got complacent and went back to my old eating habits, I failed and gained a lot of weight back. While I agree that they are fair game, anyone who falls off the wagon, regardless of weight loss plan, is going to get fat again.

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Cayenne for Irritable Bowel

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Survival of the Fittest

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Natural Treatment for Cluster Headaches

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AJ Loses MORE Weight -- on Veggies & Starch (VIDEO)

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