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How the ethical argument fails veganism


It seems that evidence that consuming organic eggs for breakfast, twice a week, and wild-caught salmon, once a week, continues to strike me as persuasive. I've eaten a vegetarian diet for many years, then recently experimented with poultry, which I've rejected, even, once, trying grass-fed beef, and I rejected it. I'm back eating a couple of egg-based breakfasts a couple of times a week and a serving of wild caught salmon once a week. I remain convinced that this limited consumption of fish and eggs is, on balance, justified. I remain open to old and new evidence for and against my diet.

News: Health

Nuts & Weight Gain: It's Worse Than We Thought


I can only tell you, that, when I was in my early thirties, and went on a fairly srict vegetarian diet, the doctor I went to, advised me to consume 3 oz of nuts, and 1 oz of sunflower or pumpkin seeds, daily. I was also allowed, though not encouraged, to ingest a raw egg yolk in the veggie juice drink I consumed in the morning, in place of the seeds, 3 of the 6 days (the seventh day, he strongly advised his patients to forgo food, rest, and drink water). Over the course of the years I followed this diet, I "lost" weight, arriving at the thinnest weight I'd ever achieved in my lifetime. It should go without saying, that nuts ought to viewed as a "primary" protein source, and not something with which to entertain yourself, while you continue to consume the usual meat, fish and poultry diet to which most Americans have grown accustomed. If you consume nuts, it's best to diminish your other protein sources by the number of calories you're consuming as nuts, thereby maintaining your weight.

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Five Drawbacks to Being a Vegan


I've a few comments to make, before I go back to my daily affairs. It annoys me, that the word vegetarian is used to describe someone that "only" eats plant foods. It occurs to me, that, taking the usual 21 meals of the week, if I eat 20 meals consisting solely of plant foods, and I eat 1 meal consisting of animal foods, I'm not alllowed to call myself a vegetarian. But, if I eat 20 animal based meals, and one solely plant based meal, shouldn't I not be able to call myself a carnivore? This is silly. Of course I'm a carnivore if I eat 20 meat meals, and one plant meal. And, it should be just as obvious, that if I eat 20 plant based meals, and one animal based meal, I should be able to call myself a vegetarian. It doesn't matter to me, that such a view upsets vegetarian cults. What matters to me, is that "I" am able to use the word vegetarian to mean what it means to me, and to anyone else that shares my view. I'm willing to wager that, for people that want to see the consumption of plant foods sharply increase, my approach makes more sense, whereas, for people that want to maintain a sense of religious purity, the other definition of vegetarian will suffice. I've seen arguments supporting "pure" vegetarianism, and I've seen arguments supporting the consumption of a meat based diet. If you think you can persuade people that a plant based diet is superior to a meat based diet, good luck.
Once and for all, my view is, that if you eat a diet such that most of your meals are animal based, you're a carnivore. If you eat a diet where animal foods and plant foods are consumed on a roughly equal basis, you're an omnivore (or, a rarely used term, an "amphivore"). But, if you consume a mostly or entirely plant based diet, I consider you a vegetarian. I want to see a world where profits for a few, don't determine our food choices. Science, personal and family interests, our chosen healers and nutritionists, should make those food choices. I also believe, that if we're left to make our own best food choices, plant foods will become, more and more, the predominant foods in our diets. I eat about 8% of my diet in animal foods. I do that because I think it best for my health. As I said in a previous post, my choices remain subject to change, if someone can show me a better way.

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Don't go vegetarian or vegan for health benefits


Is there any hope, that more studies will be conducted showing outcomes for various "shades" of vegetarianism. Most of these studies compare meat, fowl, fish, egg and dairy eaters to those that steadfastly reject all such evil foods. This situation is intolerable. What we need, is a scientific approach to these enormously complex questions, not the hot-headed nonsense we hear from both sides. I'm a so-called, ovo-pesco-vegetarian. Why? Because I eat a morning protein drink, with the addition of a single organic egg yolk of the highest quality I can obtain, 3 times a week, as well as two, similarly high quality sourced salmon (or the other, few, high omega 3, fresh, low mercury fish and sea food varieties) meals a week. Both sides of this debate attack at each other with the fury of people that usually know that they lack truly "hard" evidence to support their angry arguments. If I eat red meat, in small quantities, grass fed, intelligently prepared (though I almost invariably oppose eating red meat), a few times a year, does nutritional science know if such a practice degrades my health? I doubt it, because I doubt if research for precisely such behavior has been done. We know how quickly a Chevy Corvette accelerates to 60mph, but not critical information, about meat eating. Does anyone "really" know, whether consuming an egg yolk for each of 3 days a week, will, on balance, degrade or improve my health? I seriously dobut it. Let's do the hard research work. Otherwise, let's adopt some scepticism, before we make bold utterances, full of chest pounding certainty, about nutritional matters of staggering complexity.

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