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June 14, 1949


New Zealand


Preparing Whole Foods Plant-based - esp Raw

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The Green Diet - my open letter to the New Zealand Green Party


Right behind you Jessica. Last weekend we saw a Green Party stand outside the Mitre 10 store in Lower Hutt. They were selling sausages! When I challenged them, their justification was that they were organic sausages. While organic meat might have a place as a first step in terms of people transitioning to a healthier diet, animal foods are not Green, and I too will be lobbying the Green party to stop pandering to the animal-eating sector, and come up with a decent position on the matter.

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Are you ready to go UNPROCESSED?


Hi - I received an email that another comment, by Jerry Amos, had been posted re AJ's new book. I had posted one too. I've just come in to read & comment on Jerry's comment but cannot find either his comment nor mine - any idea where they went?. I tried entering this page via the Health page rather than the link in my email - but I couldn't find the article on the Health page ... a gremiln at work?

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Purrrrfect vegans?


The best thing for the planet is for humans to not keep pets, full stop. No need for any pet food then - vegan or not! Cut consumption. The native birds would appreciate it. And farmed animals - stop breeding them and let them all die a natural death. Then we can all get along with just plants to eat and wildlife - and even other humans! - for company ... :)

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Dr. Esselstyn on Sanjay Gupta's CNN Special (VIDEO)


Thank you for posting this whole video on your site, Jeff & Sabrina. We very much appreciated watching it here in New Zealand. We will be informing our friends and no doubt many will be taking a look. I especially enjoyed the latter part of the programme, which was more information-based than personality based. It was great to learn about the size of the LDL particles - we're going to get that checked out next time we do our bloods!

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Treating Menstrual Pain With Diet

Blogs: Health

Cayenne for Irritable Bowel

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Survival of the Fittest

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Natural Treatment for Cluster Headaches

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