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Hog farmer switches to vegan diet after battling cancer


"sentient pig victims who were no less intelligent,loyal,and loving than a 5-year old child and who suffered great misery and pain at the hands of their torturers"

The above quote from your comment is exactly the reason why so many mainstream folks are turned off immediately at the mention of a vegan diet. They perceive ALL vegans as extremists trying to morally shame them. It is certainly making it difficult for those of us who simply would like to spread the word about the well documented scientific research on the health benefits of a plant based diet.

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Hog farmer switches to vegan diet after battling cancer


I wasn't replying to anything said or asked by Jayleigh.

In answer to your question, "Who is "they"?", it is everyone I encounter on a daily basis. People have given me a such a negative reaction when I say I have changed my diet, that I have decided to be "in the closet" about it most of the time. My primary point is that vegans who pull the moral high ground, preach, and shame other folks is causing people to not even be willing to consider the health benefits of a vegan diet as they are so repulsed by people like you getting in their face all the time.

I'm sure I could have been much more successful getting people to see the logic and good science of the "China Study" if it hadn't been for people's bad experiences with people such as yourself. (By the way I am a flexitarian, and on occasion go hunting.)

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Alley Cat Allies -- 80 Million Ferals Need Help


It may be emotionally appealing to feed feral cats, but rationally analyzed is terribly bad for the environment and native birds.

Gregory Lehman

"The American Bird Conservancy estimates that 150 million free-ranging cats kill 500 million birds a year in the United States. And according to a peer-reviewed study published February 24, 2009, in Conservation Biology, TNR causes “hyperpredation,” in which well-fed cats continue to prey on bird, mammal, reptile, and amphibian populations so depressed they can no longer sustain native predators."

"...that 71 percent to 94 percent of a colony needs to be sterilized before there can even be a decline (provided there’s no immigration)..."

From an article in Audobon Magazine:

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Living "green" means much more than being politically correct...


Also not politically correct, but essential for your "vital few" list: ever increasing human population.

If we do not address this, all other attempts at being sustainable are for nought.

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Cayenne for Irritable Bowel

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Survival of the Fittest

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Natural Treatment for Cluster Headaches

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AJ Loses MORE Weight -- on Veggies & Starch (VIDEO)

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