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Is Big Biz Freaking Out That People Are Going Veg?


There is no doubt they're freaking out. Here in Minnesota, the mega dairy, turkey, and egg farms stand to lose big time. Hormel is based here, Land O'Lakes Dairy is based here, Cargill's headquarters are just down the road, and ConAgra markets most of its junk food from here. I grew up in Detroit, and talking about changes to agriculture here is like saying in the 60s that GM would be where it's at today, it's flat unthinkable for most people. My going vegetarian first then vegan is already affecting many people I know, and there's no need to defend it. The case for change becomes more compelling by the day. Write your lawmakers and find out their stand on the $140 Billion "Farm" Bill. Time to pull the plug on the tax dollars that perpetuate the madness.

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Sarah Palin takes aim at vegetarians in Going Rogue


Who cares what she has to say? Set an example and use data from the present about what ingesting animals and animal products does to humans, the earth, and above all, the animals themselves. People will either get it, or they won't, or they'll find out the hard way. As a budding CNS/RD, it saddens me when I hear those close to me say, "you need meat to live", yet they refuse to even cut back, let alone cease, ingestion of animals or animal products.

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ADA's vegetarian "expert" says: Eat meat on holidays to fit in!


Gee, I wonder how much of an expert she is on the massive turkey farming industry here in my home state of Minnesota and their "product". Another "armchair quarterback"!

Expert: Ex=has been, (s)pert=A drip under pressure.

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Doctors send Rush Limbaugh a fruit basket and encourage a vegan diet


I don't like a lot of what he has to say, but if this wakes him up in any way and he starts taking better care of himself, he might moderate his tone a bit. We need a "Rush" of our own!

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