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Dr. Campbell Responds to Dr. Mercola


I want to try to explain the lysine issue being discussed here.

While it is true that adding lysine adds more protein, it is not true that this implies in any way that eating meat is healthy.

The reason lysine is a problem is simple - the more protein you consume the more fuel the cancer cells have. They need protein as their building blocks. Try Lemon Balm tincture for cold sores - you apply it directly and many people report that sores never comes back.

So then why isn't small amounts of meat okay? Because meat is loaded with many other killers, like saturated fat, cholesterol, and conjugated linolein acid (CLA for short). Also even 'a small amount' contains too much protein.

Joseph Mercola, another one of the board members from Weston A Price Foundation, posted an article on about raw milk and CLA in which he claimed that CLA is a cancer fighter.

Dr Campbell has done wonders trying to explain all this in his book "The China Study" which is a must read. He explains that the so-called anti-cancer claims around CLA are due to the fact that it is so carcinogenic that it activates the immune response, just like some pesticides.

Because making claims in articles the way that Mercola does is not regulated by the FDA (as it is on products) he can say whatever he wants.

But Dr Campbell points out that just because a carcinogen activates the immune system it doesn't make it a cancer fighter. It just makes it a carcinogen.

But this is how things get all twisted around, and it is what the pro meat and diary folks excel at.

They also are really good at making all kinds of false attacks on soy and other extremely important vegan foods.

The bottom line is that you need to understand as a vegan that there are millions of dollars being pumped into the media by the meat and dairy lobbies to confuse the issues and keep everyone confused. They even fund major university studies, so you can't count on that either anymore.

The China Study found that even a small amount of animal based food is associated with negative health effects.

Good luck - I hope it works for you.

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Al Gore: I'm not a vegetarian but I have cut back sharply on meat (VIDEO)


I would like to ask Mr Gore to lead the charge to end all subsidies to the meat and dairy industry and start taxing these products instead.

Just in the county where I live, the water, land, railroad (that transports the grain to feed the cattle), and slaughterhouse are all partially funded by taxpayers dollars.

Apparently the cows that just die are subsidized too as the government pays the owners a guaranteed amount of money to encourage them to be in business. These dead cows if they are sent to the rendering plant, end up in our soap and cosmetics, without even being tested for Mad Cow Disease.

This industry is so harmful we have to demand as taxpayers that we are not funding it. Of course at this point we are. And we have to pay for the health care and research institutes and all the other after effects of eating meat and dairy.

THere are cows on every hill side next to our water reservoirs so the cow poo ends up in the local reservoirs and water supply. The bacteria in the poo are NOT filtered out (it even says so in the annual report from the water district) and they end up in our bodies, along with the antibiotics and prions and God only know what else.

There is no end to the damage being done. Mr Gore please help.

It solves a lot more than global warming to end subsidies to meat and dairy.

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Red Flags and Warning Signs in Developing Relationships


This is very good! And comprehensive!

I would probably add these:

- afraid of making eye contact

- doesn't smile when it seems natural

- doesn't attune to the experience of others

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Rip Esselstyn Making His "Engine 2" Plant-Strong Diet Mainstream


I have this cookbook and it has a lot of delicious and super healthy recipes in it, made without adding oil and using super healthy incredients.

I went back and looked at his mom's recipes in "Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease" and I can see where he got his talent for cooking.

But this book also is very inspiring and I loved all the exercises you can do indoors and the great attitude. He covers almost everything you need for a healthy and great life.

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