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Lizabeth V. Barrera | June 9, 10 at 01:30 AM | Planet

Hi all! :-) Welcome to my blog....


A Survival Story: The Birds and the Trees

vegsoul | May 6, 10 at 01:19 PM | Animals, Planet

Read More: Animal Rights, Bird

A few years ago I hired my neighbor to install a fence in my yard. He is a burly Irish bloke and I was in awe to see how fast he mealed out holes in the ground with a shovel...


Challenge # 3: End Idle Waste!

vegsoul | February 2, 10 at 02:16 PM | Planet

It's easy to let your car run unnecessarily -while looking for your purse, getting the kids settled, talking on the cell phone.... There are many things to think about, and your running car is usually the last thing to consider....