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New Vegan -- What a Wonderful World

peaceofmindcoach | March 4, 10 at 09:03 AM | Health

This past year, my family and I got royally kicked in the butt. We celebrated a B'nai Mitzvah, that's a bar and bat mitzah of my son and daughter, who are twins. As a single mother, this was a huge...


Yoga works at the level of your body, mind, emotion and energy

Isha Volunteer | January 14, 10 at 01:10 PM | Health

Vegeterianism along with Yoga is a great way to achieve optimum health, peace of mind and spiritual evolution.Isha Foundation's flagship program distills powerful, ancient yogic methods for the modern person to create harmony in the body, mind and emotions. It...


It's Day ONE, ONCE Again!

Victoria Arnstein | December 5, 09 at 05:53 PM | Health

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Here I go again should be a theme song that I play for myself everytime I come back to 811. I have allowed myself to get back on the rollercoaster of cooked freaky bad foodstuffs only to be thrown off...


Exposing the Naked Truth about The Tastes Of cooked Foods without their Dressings.

Victoria Arnstein | November 21, 09 at 02:36 AM | Health

Exposing the Naked Truth about The Tastes Of cooked Foods without their Dressings. By Victoria Toussie Arnstein I will admit, I have not been 100% Raw these past few weeks. But I wanted to allow myself the opportunity to become...


Slow things down with a Fast

Valiant Vegan | November 12, 09 at 02:00 PM | Health

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I'm a 55 year old man with a history of heart disease. About 6 weeks ago I had hit the wall with regards to losing the weight I gained after my heart attacks. I began to research once again for...


Yoga for the mind, body and soul?

aamina82 | November 8, 09 at 01:04 PM | Health

Some people practice yoga daily for the physical benefits; others for the mental; and still others for the spiritual. Some do it for all three. But does it really matter to you body, mind or soul WHY you practice? The...