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New Veggie

awzach2 | June 19, 10 at 09:46 PM | Food

Hi! I am very new to this whole not eating meat thing. I watched the movie Food INC and I was horrified. I feel like if I can save one animal it is all worth it. If anyone has any...


Peruvian Alfajores: Sans Dulce de Leche Sandwich Cookies

Vegan Good Eats | June 16, 10 at 02:05 PM | Food

  Pre-vegan days, these were a stable in my repertoire. Perhaps other countries will claim it as their own, but believe them not. These are as Peruvian as they come. Peruvian style alfajores Well, let's be honest. Alfajores are actually...


No Meat? Where do you get your PROTEIN?

Whole Food Mommy | May 13, 10 at 11:32 AM | Food

When people find out that I eat very little animal product...more often than not, some sort of "protein" question is asked. This question shouldn't surprise me...We live in such a "must have enough protein" society (thanks to the meat industry...


Back to healthy living

KimbaWiggins1 | May 2, 10 at 06:12 AM | Food

After several months of eating horrible junkie foods, I'm transitioning back to vegetarianism.  I'm overweight and I'm feeling it. I realize that I need to go back to a plant-based diet ASAP. I felt so good on a vegetarian diet,...


No soda for 2.5 wks now

tarmale | March 6, 10 at 05:21 PM | Food

It's a step in the right direction. I still crave it sometimes and my family still drinks it's but I have not. I also gave up iced coffee as of March 6th and next will be sugar and processed foods....


Barbecued Vegeburger Balls (Lacto Ovo, although you can substitute)

Cari Haus | January 5, 10 at 04:54 AM | Food

Here's a great recipe for Barbecued Vegeburger Balls. Although it's lacto ovo, you can substitute ground flaxseed for the eggs and crumbled tofu for the mozarella cheese. (Vegeburger is a meatless, zero-fat and zero-cholesterol alternative to hamburger). 4 Tbsp. oil...


Vegan "Special K" Roast

Cari Haus | January 4, 10 at 03:29 PM | Food

My youngest son is vegetarian and loves nothing more than a delicious roast. While home for Christmas break he asked me to make him a Special K Loaf. I tried a new recipe I found on the Internet which contained...


Bake a luscious, chocolate vegan cake

angellynn | December 11, 09 at 07:39 PM | Food

A quick look at cake mixes on the baking aisle of most local grocery stores reveal questionable ingredients, including hydrogenated oils. Since most vegetarians are health conscious, they often search for alternatives that are both healthy and great tasting. However,...


Jungle Chai Takes the Chill Off a Cold Wintry Day

Gail Davis | December 1, 09 at 03:30 PM | Food

Read More: chai, coconut milk, tea

It may not be cold where you are, and I know it's still 20 more days until the official beginning of winter. But here in the Willamette Valley it's a blustery 46°! And while it hasn't really rained in the...


Keeping It Delicious and Compassionate

Gail Davis | November 26, 09 at 07:01 PM | Food

No animal has to die for me to live. ~Howard Lyman What better time to remember these thoughtful words than on a holiday that is accentuated by the mass slaughter of innocent beings. I make sure that omnivorous guests always...