Victoria Arnstein

Posted December 5, 2009

Published in Health

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It's Day ONE, ONCE Again!

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It's Day ONE, ONCE Again!

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Here I go again should be a theme song that I play for myself everytime I come back to 811. I have allowed myself to get back on the rollercoaster of cooked freaky bad foodstuffs only to be thrown off and spit out... in Many was it tiring! I felt like I had been hit by a truck this past month..On and off and on and off the crap that I ate...

Once again, I found myself addicted to bad food and felt worse and worse each time. I have to say that the more I went off, the better I felt mentally, knowing that I just did not want to feel awful like that again..I get closer and closer to 811 each time I get off. I am not recommending that anyone follow my lead, but if you are and you have been struggling as I have..

Please know there is a way to get back on track! The way for me to get back on track is to actually write down and really remember how much I am losing(and I don't mean those extra pounds either) every time I enter the dark side of cooked foods. I become more in -tuned and aware that I am , for one thing wasting so much money, getting and feeling ill, feeling bloated and my clothes don't fit me..well you all know the deal by now.

But the more you stay on 811, the more in tune with your body, mind and spirit you wll be..sounds corney, I know, I will be the first to admit it, but it is so true. Once your body does a fine job in house cleaning for a period of time, and you make that house dirty again, well those house cleaners develop an attitude and say, "Hey, you ..big mouth with half a brain, enough already, now you are gonna get it! We need to stop our job and work on your nasty mess and you will have to pay extra for it! And boy do you ever! The people around you and that live with you will have to pay in more ways than one..They will have to smell your new odor..pee u..and then they have to deal with your mood swings...nobody wants to be around that, so, what's it gonna be? A new shiny glowing squeeky clean house inside and out, or some smelly sess pool of corroding junk that just makes for a nasty person?

WHo would you like to be in the end? I know what I want, ya with me? Let's start all over again, right now! Who's with me? We can do this guys!!!!! If ya have to have some cooked foods..let them be bland and don't add anything to them, that way you won't crave them. Or have a baked yam once in a while or steamed veggies....but the goal is to eat more fresh, ripe, whole organic fruits and veggies in their natural state!

Got it? Good! Let's rock and roll!~ This really makes sence and works like nothing else you have ever tired or are going to try! My husband Michael Arnstein and so many others are THRIVING on this lifestyle.That is why we are all here right? Let us support eachother and really get the ball rolling already..Too many of us have been unravelling this month and it is time to get our head in the right place! 811 baby! Let's GO!!!!!!

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