moonbeam R.

Posted December 21, 2009

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It's A Demeaning Word People!!

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According to an Advocacy Organization called Little People Of America and several Books that I have read about Dwarfism in Humans, the word "Midget"is very Demeaning, Offensive,and Disrespectful to those that are Short-Statured. In fact the Little People Of America organization banned the dredded "M Word"a s a Medical Term. The new Medical Term is "Proportional Dwarf" but the preffered Term for People Medically considared to be "Dwarfs" is Little People. As in "I am a Little Person".

Yes folks,...I Myself have one of the Proportional forms of Dwarfism .And I have always HATED the word "Midget". So You see ,it's NOT just My opinion that the dredded "M Word is Demeaning, Offensive, and Disrespecful. That word is Generally considered Demeaning, Offensive, and Disrespectful to those that are Short-Statured and that is a FACT!

So Please refer to then as "Little People" and stop using that dredded "M Word." Namaste.

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