Community Blog Posts -- December 2009


It's A Demeaning Word People!!

moonbeam R. | December 21, 09 at 06:20 PM | Media

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According to an Advocacy Organization called Little People Of America and several Books that I have read about Dwarfism in Humans, the word "Midget"is very Demeaning, Offensive,and Disrespectful to those that are Short-Statured. In fact the Little People Of America...


Bake a luscious, chocolate vegan cake

angellynn | December 11, 09 at 07:39 PM | Food

A quick look at cake mixes on the baking aisle of most local grocery stores reveal questionable ingredients, including hydrogenated oils. Since most vegetarians are health conscious, they often search for alternatives that are both healthy and great tasting. However,...


Give the Gift of Love this Holiday Season: Sponsor an Animal at Catskill Animal Sanctuary!

Catskill Animal Sanctuary | December 9, 09 at 07:58 AM | Animals

Start a new compassionate holiday tradition by sponsoring an animal at Catskill Animal Sanctuary (CAS), a 100-acre haven for horses and farm animals rescued from cruelty and neglect, in New York's Hudson Valley. Your monthly donation will help provide food,...


It's Day ONE, ONCE Again!

Victoria Arnstein | December 5, 09 at 05:53 PM | Health

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Here I go again should be a theme song that I play for myself everytime I come back to 811. I have allowed myself to get back on the rollercoaster of cooked freaky bad foodstuffs only to be thrown off...


Jungle Chai Takes the Chill Off a Cold Wintry Day

Gail Davis | December 1, 09 at 03:30 PM | Food

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It may not be cold where you are, and I know it's still 20 more days until the official beginning of winter. But here in the Willamette Valley it's a blustery 46°! And while it hasn't really rained in the...