Posted November 8, 2009

Published in Health

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Yoga for the mind, body and soul?

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Some people practice yoga daily for the physical benefits; others for the mental; and still others for the spiritual. Some do it for all three.

But does it really matter to you body, mind or soul WHY you practice? The benefits are the same, are they not?

Personally, I believe that your body doesn't really care why you choose to do yoga, it's just happy that you do. I also feel that you get out of your practice what you put into it. If you are seeking a physical benefit, that's what you will achieve, etc. I also know that when I miss a few days of my yoga, my mind and spirit begin to feel out of shape, along with my body.

Do you have a regular yoga practice? If so, why?

I like this new format, I haven't been to any other website where I can blog about my two favorite passions, yoga and veganism.

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Thank you for your post. I practice yoga for many reasons. It started out as a physical activity and continues to evolve. Now, it is truely a mind ~body ~community experience. My favorite styles are Hatha flow in a warm room to music and Bikram. Sometimes it is best for me to slow down my practice and hold the Sun Salutation poses longer. Practicing different breathing techniques has deepened my practice.

I'm trying to move towards a Ayurveda based lifestyle. It is challenging!


I do yoga on my own and I also go to classes. I like Bikram Yoga, but it is sooooo hard! The first day is always the worst, but once you keep going every day it gets better. :)

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