Victoria Arnstein

Posted November 21, 2009

Published in Health

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Exposing the Naked Truth about The Tastes Of cooked Foods without their Dressings.

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Exposing the Naked Truth about The Tastes Of cooked Foods without their Dressings.

By Victoria Toussie Arnstein

I will admit, I have not been 100% Raw these past few weeks. But I wanted to allow myself the opportunity to become at least vegan cooked before continuing onto my raw food path(as I went straight from SAD to 811) and it was posing some difficult obstacles of cravings and emotions I was not prepared to handle..(or so it seemed) As I allowed myself some cooked foods(and I say some because I remained 90% raw and low fat vegan to be sure) I would have these so called tasty and addictive cooked foods with one exception...To eat them Naked!!! What I mean by naked is that I would not allow them to be disguised of their so called natural tastes and what I found was, they were not so great on their own...They needed a makeover and then some. Their glamour was diminished to say the least. Allow me to explain. It turns out that the cooked foods that I was always addicted to for some reason or another were rather boring and tasteless in my mouth and to my taste buds. I can't imagine anyone feeling differently(which is why salt is such a huge seller) I did not shake salt on my white rice, nor did I pour any oil or sauce that I so loved onto it either. So what did I get in return? Not a whole lot of cravings for that rice the next day, I assure you that. I realize Dr. Doug Graham talks about cooked foods being tasteless without any condiments to put on them, but one must try it for themselves to get the real true experience! What was coffee to me a few months ago (when I needed to quit for yet my 10th time) without it's beloved coat of milk and sugar? It turns out, it was nothing more than a cup of mud or sludge to me or my tastes buds. What was past without it's rich red tomato sauce to dress it in full swing , turning out to be nothing more than an unsatisfactory limp noodle? So, in my effort to finally stay 100% raw without having to have the "willpower" to do so, I am seeing first hand how cooked foods are not all they are cracked up to be! Mind you, I still have an affection to cooked sweet potato without having to put anything on it and brown rice is kind of sweet for these foods I may need a bit more time. But for now, I am seeing the truth about the foods I really thought I loved once upon a time. Maybe you will too! It turns out, it was the fashion or their dressings I was more addicted to and those were all toxic! Toxic is not the kind of place I feel like staying for a long visit, and so, I will not want to have those foods anymore. I needed to Get sick, get bored and get the truth to finally realize how these foods did nothing for me mentally as well as physically! I see that now. I hope it could stay in my mind and serve me well for future reference. It is a great thing to expose the truth and be liberated and know that you are in control! Bravo for anyone else who could do the same. I got rid of salt and condiments and oils that have been my downfall for too long and now that they are out of my house, it is easy to not eat them. It is too hard to have to leave with 3 children at night to go out and get my "fix" Did I mention the bloat and side order of guilt to go with that? Did I mention the nasty feeling I get upon waking up and the coma like sleep that I seem to fall into? Of course the sickness that follow are not to great either. Exercise is not too pleasant with all those side effects either and no body wants that if they are trying to stay healthy! Making it all harder to get to and putting your pots and pans in storage or the donation box is what will make things a bit harder to keep those addictions to cooked foods going..Going to a restaurant will only cost you more than a "Home Cooked Meal" and that won't be something that you love to do when your wallet is empty at the end of the week and 3 kids want to eat all of the time, from lack of good nutrition. I think you get my point when you see what the cons are verses the pros. We are all seeking health and we need to expose what has been taken away from us over generations of bad habits and processing and greed has done to us. We have the right to be healthy and we know so much now! That is why we are on these websites. To get healthy and stay there! We are chosen from knowing the truth. We are half way there with that alone. and knowing what it takes is the other half, which is always asking and knowing who to really listen to, like Douglas Graham and his wife Rozi. They have done their research and if that is not enough for you , do more. Find out more and experience more. I

f you are struggling like myself, try to do what I am doing and maybe you will get to 811. Maybe it will take longer and maybe you will jump there instanly! Just know the goal of Optimal health would be 811 or anything near it. Eventually, it will be normal to eat only fruits and veggies and really look forward to the way they taste. Honestly, Fruit and veggies in their raw state don't need anything to make them taste good. They are perfect the way they are and they are so much tastier than their poor cooked long lost relatives, who never really had a chance. Poor things. Good luck and be well and take care of yourselves now so nobody will have to in the future!

Sincerely, Victoria Arnstein

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Well said Victoria. Thanks so much for sharing your experience and understanding of Doug Grahams 80-10-10 diet -or more appropriately,lifestyle- it's helping me move one step closer to making the transition myself. After reading 'The 80/10/10 Diet' by Dr. Douglas N. Graham, the logic, simplicity and beauty of eating this way began to really sink in. I have since began to increase my fruit intake and reduce fats and feel the beginnings of increased energy and hope for the first time in quite awhile.

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