Chef AJ

Chef AJ

Posted March 5, 2010

Published in Food

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Vegan & Raw Chocolate Mousse Torte

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Check out the video -- Raw Chocolate Mousse Torte!




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Chef AF, this looks delicious! Welcome to Vegsource. I am so happy to find that you use whole foods. Surprisingly, I have not found it easy to find many vegan sources that do. Looking forward to following your blog.



Hi Heidi,

I followed a plant based diet for 26 years, but only a WHOLE FOODS plant based one for the last 7. Many people go vegan for ethical reasons and are not concerned about their health until they get sick. That's what happened to me. I think I'll blog about it soon.


Hm... that looks delicious. I guess I'll try that, it should help me get bigger hips


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