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Blog Entries by Chef AJ

Another Tasty Episode of "The Chef and The Dietitian"

Chef AJ | September 1, 10 at 08:51 PM

Anogther Tasty Episode of "The Chef and The Dietitian"

Chef AJ | September 1, 10 at 08:47 PM

Read More: brownies, cacao, cacao nibs, Chef Aj, julieanna hever, raw vegan restaurant, sugar free

The Debut of "The CHEF and the DIETITIAN"

Chef AJ | August 18, 10 at 04:37 PM | Food

Read More: black bean brownies, brownies, cacao, Chef Aj, green smoothies, Julieanna Hever, Plant-Based Dietitian, plant-based recipes, The Chef and the Dietitian

World famous Plant-Based Chef and Dietitian team up for the first episode of their soon-to-be hit show, The Chef and the Dietitian. Dynamic duo, Chef AJ and Julieanna Hever, M.S., R.D., are kicking off their new series to show you...


Chef AJ | July 17, 10 at 10:38 PM | Food, Health

On Sunday, November 7th the finest in plant based cuisine meet the best in nutritional science.  So why am I telling you this NOW?  Because seating is limited and tickets are already selling fast.  But if you purchase them before...

How to dress your salads when you don't eat oil

Chef AJ | July 11, 10 at 10:41 AM | Food

It's important to eat alot of fruits and veggies, especially fresh fruits and veggies.  One of the easiest ways to do this is to eat at least one large salad a day.  Rip Esselstyn calls it a "shock and awe...

Free Culinary Class with Chef AJ

Chef AJ | June 23, 10 at 11:02 PM

For those of you who live in the Los Angeles area, I will be teaching a free Culinary class at the Whole Foods Market on National Blvd. on Wednesday, July 7th at 6:30pm.  The subject of the class is "How...

Enjoy my delicious OIL-FREE RAW/VEGAN salads at Whole Foods now!

Chef AJ | June 9, 10 at 08:43 PM | Food

Read More: Cooking, Food, Health, Home, Lifestyle Choices, Salt, Sugar, Veganism

Those of you who know me know that my specialty is teaching people how to eat delicious vegan food and still avoid what I call "THE EVIL TRINITY" (sugar, oil and salt). Those who are vegan not just for ethical...

The BEST VEGAN/Gluten-free PIZZA I ever had

Chef AJ | May 27, 10 at 10:08 PM | Food

Along with fellow blogger Julieanna Hever, the Plant Based Dietitian, I run a program called the Whole Food 30 Day Challenge.  The idea is to eat a completely whole food/plant based diet for 30 days, free of ANY processed...

Do you have the "BALLS" to go plant based for 30 days?

Chef AJ | May 13, 10 at 11:02 PM | Health

Read More: Dried fruit, Fruit

I run a program called "CHEF AJ'S 30 DAY CHALLENTE " which challenges people to eat a WHOLE FOOD/PLANT BASED diet for a period of 30 days.  Many people have had amazing results with this program.  The last winner, Dr....

Whole Health Makeover Program this weekend in LA

Chef AJ | May 2, 10 at 11:23 PM | Health

The Whole Health Makeover Program is a two-day seminar brought to you by the leading experts in the field of nutritional medicine.  Come enjoy listening to lectures about the current state of our declining health, food addiction, and our...

Ice Cream - for BREAKFAST???

Chef AJ | May 2, 10 at 12:03 PM | Food

Why not, if it's made with only ONE INGREDIENT - FRUIT!!!  We've been enjoying this for over 20 years.  Sometime we even put it over our Rip's Big Bowl from the Engine 2 Cookbook.  It's also great with peaches, mangos,...

Are you a VegJUNKtarian?

Chef AJ | April 29, 10 at 05:36 PM | Health

Read More: Coconut oil, Olive oil, Saturated fat

So many people become vegan because they care about animals but are not at all concerned about their own health.  Well, you are an animal too!  Do you eat primarily a  WHOLE FOOD PLANT BASED diet, or do you get...

It's Easy Being Green

Chef AJ | April 19, 10 at 10:43 AM

I have been a culinary instructor in Los Angeles for over 10 years and my focus has always been to get people to eat more fruits and vegetables.  While I think it's really important to eat our food, I have...

What to serve at Easter

Chef AJ | April 1, 10 at 10:41 AM | Food

Read More: Easter, Lentil, recipes

People keep asking me what to serve at Easter that they can eat and their non-vegan friends will like.  My recommendation is this Hearty Lentil Loaf.  You can make it even easier by buying the pre-steamed 19 ounce box of...

John Mackey is putting the WHOLE back into Whole Foods

Chef AJ | March 27, 10 at 09:20 PM | Food

I recently had the privelege of teaching for a week in Austin, Texas at the invititation of my good friend, Rip Esselstyn (author of bestselling book "The Engine 2 Diet".  The event was part of the "E2/Whole Foods Immersion Program". ...

T. Colin Campbell needs your help

Chef AJ | March 24, 10 at 01:03 PM | Health

T. Colin Campbell has often been asked his opinion about the Atkins 'movement' and finally has written a brief commentary as a critique of the new Atkins book, now in stores and on-line at The book is titled...

Dinner with the King and Queen of Plant Based Royalty

Chef AJ | March 7, 10 at 06:54 PM | Food

Read More: China Study, colin campbell

As I watch the Academy Awards, I feel like I got to particpate in a Plant Based version of the Oscars.  Today, I was privledged to make dinner for Dr. T. Colin Campbell and his lovely wife Karen at the...